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A Bad Record And A Bad Heart!

A Bad Record and a Bad Heart! Albert N. Martin Problems, Problems, Problems! Often it seems that life in this world is nothing but one problem after another. We have different kinds of problems—family problems, money problems, health problems, job problems—but we all have problems. And we all try to... Read More

What'S Wrong With Preaching Today?

What's Wrong with Preaching Today? Albert N. Martin I regret the negative way in which this topic has been cast. I think most of us have enough sense of logic to reason from the topic to ourselves and therefore to conclude that this will be an attempt to expose weaknesses in our own preaching. I wis... Read More

What Is A Biblical Christian?

What is a Biblical Christian? by Albert N. Martin There are many matters concerning which total ignorance and complete difference are neither tragic nor fatal. I believe many of you are probably totally ignorant of Einstein’s theory of relativity and if you were pressed to explain it to someone you ... Read More

The Practical Implications Of Calvinism

The Practical Implications of Calvinism Albert N. Martin (Albert Martin is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Essex Fells, New Jersey. This material is the substance of an address which was transcribed with minor revisions from the tape.) The Experience of God B.B. Warfield describes Calvi... Read More

Degrees Of Punishment In Hell

Degrees of Punishment in Hell by Albert Martin and Fred G Zaspel Definition Although the suffering will be severe and everlasting for all those in Hell, the specific degrees of punishment and suffering will differ in accordance with the measure of sin in one's life, the extent of one's sinful influe... Read More

Reasons Why Some Will Not Come To Christ

Reasons Why Some Will Not Come to Christ Albert N. Martin Jerusalem was buzzing with activity during one of the high Jewish feast days. And now at the pool of Bethesda the controversial young rabbi from Galilee had astounded everyone by healing a man paralyzed for thirty-eight years! But instead of ... Read More

The Carnal Christian

The Carnal Christian Are you one? Is there such a thing? Al Martin There is in our day a teaching that has become very popular, and this teaching nullifies in the minds of many the clear and unmistakable truth of 1 John 3 which is nothing but a systematic statement of what we find from Genesis to Re... Read More

Living The Christian Life

Living the Christian Life Al Martin A question of major importance is "How am I to live as a Christian?" It is one thing to be certain on biblical grounds that I have life from Christ, now I must be clear as to how I am to live the life of Christ. My purpose in setting before you some of the major p... Read More

The Life Of A Minister

The Life of a Minister (Al Martin) "The life of a minister is the life of his ministry." This adage is as true now as ever. In fact, ministerial integrity is an indispensable element of any sustained credibility among a discerning people with whom we have pastoral intimacy. Such intimacy leaves us v... Read More

The Two Most Important Questions

The Two Most Important Questions Al Martin The following devotions will focus on giving a clear biblical answer to the two most important questions any human being can ever ask. The two questions are: (1) What must I do to be saved? and (2) How can I know for certain that I am saved? If these are in... Read More

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