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Before the Birth of One of Her Children

All things within this fading world hath end, Adversity doth still our joys attend; No ties so strong, no friends so dear and sweet, But with death's parting blow is sure to meet. The sentence past is most irrevocable, A common thing, yet oh, inevitable. How soon, my Dear, death may my steps attend.... Read More

Deliverance from a Fit of Fainting

Worthy art Thou, O Lord, of praise, But ah! It's not in me. My sinking heart I pray Thee raise So shall I give it Thee. My life as spider's webb's cut off, Thus fainting have I said, And living man no more shall see But be in silence laid. My feeble spirit Thou didst revive, My doubting Thou didst c... Read More

Here Follow Several Occasional Meditations

1 By night when others soundly slept, And had at once both case and rest, My waking eyes were open kept And so to lie I found it best. 2 I sought Him whom my soul did love, With tears I sought Him earnestly; He bowed His ear down from above. In vain I did not seek or cry. 3 My hungry soul He filled ... Read More

In My Solitary Hours in My Dear Husband his Absence

O Lord, Thou hear'st my daily moan And see'st my dropping tears. My troubles all are Thee before, My longings and my fears. Thou hitherto hast been my God; Thy help my soul hath found. Though loss and sickness me assailed, Through Thee I've kept my ground. And Thy abode Thou'st made with me; With Th... Read More

In Thankful Remembrance for My Dear Husband's Safe Arrival

What shall I render to Thy name Or how Thy praises speak? My thanks how shall I testify? O Lord, Thou know'st I'm weak. I owe so much, so little can Return unto Thy name, Confusion seizes on my soul, And I am filled with shame. O Thou that hearest prayers, Lord, To Thee shall come all flesh Thou has... Read More

Meditation July 8th., 1656

I had a sore fit of fainting, which lasted 2 or 3 days, but not in that extremity which at first it took me, and so much the sorer it was to me because my dear husband was from home (who is my chiefest comforter on earth) but my God, who never failed me, was not absent but helped me and graciously m... Read More

Meditation May 11, 1661

It hath pleased God to give me a long time of respite for these 4 years that I have had no great fit of sickness, but this year from the middle of January till May I have been by fits very ill and weak. The first of this month I had a fever seized upon me which indeed was the longest and sorest that... Read More

Meditation May 13, 1657

As spring the winter doth succeed And leaves the naked trees do dress, The earth all black is clothed in green. At sunshine each their joy express. My sun's returned with healing wings, My soul and body doth rejoice, My heart exults and praises sings To Him that heard my wailing voice. My winter's p... Read More

Meditation [no date]

My soul, rejoice thou in thy God, Boast of Him all the day, Walk in His law, and kiss His rod Cleave close to Him alway. What though thy outward man decay, Thy inward shall wax strong. Thy body vile it shall be changed, And glorious made erelong. With angel's wings thy soul shall mount To bliss unse... Read More

Meditations When My Soul hath been Refreshed

Lord, why should I doubt any more when Thou hast given me such assured pledges of Thy love? First, Thou art my Creator, I Thy creature, Thou my master, I Thy servant. But hence arises not my comfort, Thou art my Father, I Thy child; "Ye shall be My sons and daughters," saith the Lord Almighty. Chris... Read More

On the Burning of my House

In silent night when rest I took, For sorrow neer I did not look, I waken'd was with thundring nois And Piteous shreiks of dreadfull voice. That fearfull sound of fire and fire, Let no man know is my Desire. I, starting up, the light did spye, And to my God my heart did cry To strengthen me in my Di... Read More

Upon My Dear and Loving Husband his Going into England

O thou Most High who rulest all And hear'st the prayers of thine, O hearken, Lord, unto my suit And my petition sign. Into Thy everlasting arms Of mercy I commend Thy servant, Lord. Keep and preserve My husband, my dear friend. At Thy command, O Lord, he went, Nor nought could keep him back. Then le... Read More

[Deliverance] From Another Sore Fit

In my distress I sought the Lord When naught on earth could comfort give, And when my soul these things abhorred, Then, Lord, Thou said'st unto me, "Live." Thou knowest the sorrows that I felt; My plaints and groans were heard of Thee, And how in sweat I seemed to melt Thou help'st and Thou regardes... Read More

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