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But The Great Question Remains: How Shall We Win Our Loved Ones To Christ?

1. We must be sure of our own right relationship to Christ and them. If we are dead and dry in our own experience, we cannot help them to a real, bright and clear Christian experience. If we are earth-minded, careless and prayerless, we have nothing to offer them until we get right ourselves. We mus... Read More

Christ Versus Moses

12. Excuse Twelve: "I do not tithe because the law of tithing belongs to the law of Moses which was annulled by Christ." We answer: the 'tithing law did not originate or end in the law of Moses. It was brought into existence because of a need which existed long before Moses; and the need still exist... Read More

God First

4. Excuse Four: "I pay my own bills and then tithe what is left." Your own bills are not the Lord's bills. This reminds us of the colored boy who asked for the rind after he had been refused a piece of the melon, and received the selfish reply, "Dey ain't gwine ta be no rine." How can a man tithe wh... Read More

Honest With God?

Excuse Six: "Yes, I pledged myself to tithe when the others did, but I guess I won't payit," or "I'll make them think I pay it." (If church treasurers could only tell all they know). Is there anything in what you say? Do you make a solemn vow before God, in the light of his Word, in the house of pra... Read More

How To Catch Up

2. Excuse Two: "I got behind with my bills and want to catch up before I begin tithing."Can an honest man rob his best friend, God, to pay his bills? What will become of the Church while you are catching up? You are using the reverse method, the cash of another; those who refuse to tithe rarely catc... Read More

How To Count Ten

13. Excuse Thirteen: "Tithing may be all right, but I just can't understand it." People of all ranges of intelligence understand it enough to practice it, and I think I can tell you how, as follows: when you get your pay check or envelope, or gather your crop, just count out one dime out of every do... Read More

How To Get Saved

How may we get saved and know that, we are saved? The greatest question ever asked by a human being was asked by the Philippian Jailer, when he asked Paul and Silas, "What must I do to be saved?" Every person is either saved or lost. But what does it mean to be saved? It means to be saved from all s... Read More

How To Live And Give Holiness

You must live a holy life in order to keep the Holy Ghost, and exert a holy influence,without which all else is vain hypocrisy. "Be thou an example of believers, in word, inconversation (and conduct), in charity (love) in spirit, in faith, in purity." Let us labor therefore, toenter into the rest, l... Read More

How To Win An Unsaved Husband

In First Peter three, one to seven, we have very careful directions by which a Christian wife may win her unsaved husband to Christ. There are many godly wives who bear great griefand suffer much because of unsaved husbands who oppose them and hinder their efforts for the salvation of their family. ... Read More

Little Or Much

3. Excuse Three: "I am just not able to tithe." Not able to obey God? Does God make unjust and impossible laws for his creatures? Is he a tyrant or a God of love? Does God rob poor people of the blessing of giving? "It is more blessed to give than to receive." The justness of the tithing law is in t... Read More

Mocking God

9. Excuse Nine: "Oh, I give God all. I do not believe in just giving a part." This sounds good, but when did you turn it over to God? How do you treat God when he sends around the collection plate? Some do like the Wicked Husbandmen; they send God's servants away empty while they themselves use the ... Read More

No Credit System

5. Excuse Five: "I tithe but I borrow it for my own use and pay it back when I do not need it." This is the sure road to backsliding from tithing, and eventually, from grace. While you are using the tithe for your own interests, you and the cause suffer. The tithe belongs to God's storehouse, -- the... Read More

Not On Trial

1. Excuse One: "I tried tithing once and could not tell that I got along any better financially." We answer, the law of tithing is not subject to your trial and approval. It is a divine command to meet a spiritual necessity and cannot be annulled or changed. Did you get along any better spiritually?... Read More


7. Excuse Seven: "I tithe, but I pay where I please, -- to kinsfolk, friends, sick people, etc."The tithe is not yours; then what right do you have to distribute it except for and through theChurch? "Bring ALL the tithe into the STOREHOUSE." It is your responsibility to take care of your own relativ... Read More

Personal Responsibility

8. Excuse Eight: "I would tithe, but I do not handle the money at our house." This may be true in some cases, but would you tithe it if you had a chance? Do you tithe the amounts that you do get? The wife has equal rights with the husband in the tithe if she keeps the home while he keeps the shop or... Read More

Preach Constantly

Preach Holiness constantly, not as a hobby, but as the great foundation and fountain of alltruth. John Wesley said, "Preach holiness in every sermon." You cannot preach the truth withoutpreaching holiness. Everything is holy or unholy. If you preach holiness with all its relations andapplications, y... Read More

Preach Holiness By Example

Preach Holiness by example. Not only in your preaching, but in your daily life, manifestand prove your preaching. Live it and give it. Get it, live it and preach it. Live above reproach sothat those who oppose your life and ministry will have to realize your holy life and power. If you cannot live i... Read More

Preach Holiness Evangelistically

Preach Holiness evangelistically. "True holiness' has always produced great revivals.Only holiness makes sinners conscious of the terror and awfulness of sin, and produces a longing desire within to be delivered from sin and restored to holiness of heart in the sight of a holy God.Old-fashioned holi... Read More

Preach Holiness Negatively And Positively

Preach Holiness negatively and positively: The heart must be purged from sin, before theHoly Ghost can come in. Only negative preaching diagnoses the disease of sin, but offers noremedy. Only positive preaching ignores the nature, then the fact of sin. We first become modern,then modernistic. Preach... Read More

Preach Holiness Scripturally

Preach Holiness scripturally. It is a Bible doctrine, and must be proven by the Bible. It hasno other doctrinal proof. Preach it from the promises, as a great privilege. Preach it from the commandments as imperative. Preach it from the Old Testament and the New Testament. Preach it from the Types an... Read More

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