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Humility and Success

Elijah Passed the Test of Success - The prophet had won a great victory on Mount Carmel. The fire had fallen, he had been vindicated and honored by God, the people were convinced, and the prophets of Baal had been slain by the hundreds. Through all this amazing success he kept in his proper place be... Read More

SOUL HELP Chapter 1 ~ The Soul

THE SOUL AMONG the mysteries there is none profounder than the human soul. Everything about it savors of the unknown. The inexplorable and unexplainable meet us at every turn in spite of much that is known, and that is being discovered. Every night hundreds if not thousands of telescopes are pointed... Read More

SOUL HELP Chapter 2 ~ The Way of Salvation

ONE of the marvelous facts in the spiritual life is the possibility of communication with the invisible God. The eternal world can be heard from. A cable has been laid joining earth and heaven and its name is prayer. Upon this line flits the human cry, and back flashes the divine message perfectly u... Read More

SOUL HELP Chapter 3 ~ Christian Service

THERE are many kinds of employment, or services on earth. There are numbers of them which, while perfectly proper, legitimate and honorable, will do nothing for the soul in the way of enlargement and improvement. Cotton picking, corn pulling and selling goods are all right in themselves, but there i... Read More

SOUL HELP Chapter 4 ~ Christian Pay

THE fact of service suggests the thought of remuneration. A certain equivalent is given in the world for labor and called pay. When a man undertakes toil for another the understanding is that he is to be recompensed. This universal observance is not dropped in the spiritual life, and is found workin... Read More

SOUL HELP Chapter 5 ~ The Uses of Temptation

ONE of the features of a probationary state is the fact of temptation. It may come directly from an evil spirit, or from a pleasing object. It maybe felt as a brooding horror upon the soul, or approach with a promised delight to the body. In its assault upon the citadel of a man’s life, the Will, te... Read More

SOUL HELP Chapter 6 ~ The Compensating Experience

WITH certain Christian people the expression, I have “a satisfying portion,” seems to excite wonder and disapproval. To some it savors of boasting, to others it sounds unscriptural, and to still others it betrays ignorance of the laws of growth and that constant advancement in divine things which sh... Read More

SOUL HELP Chapter 7 ~ The Rod of Moses

WE read in the Bible that God was about to induct Moses into a great work for which he had been preparing him for years. The self-distrustful man had pleaded his slowness of speech and conscious inability to perform what was expected of him whether he went to the people or stood before Pharaoh. It w... Read More

SOUL HELP Chapter 8 ~ The Limp of Jacob

Jacob, in the face of a great trouble looming up in the near future, had met God on the side of the brook Peniel. The prayer of that night in its length, agony, wrestling spirit and great triumph has swept up to a first place among all victorious supplications. At daybreak the man of God crossed the... Read More

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