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Bruce Hulshizer

All By One Man

In Romans 5:12-21, Paul brings before the Roman saints the great work of Christ in overcoming Adam’s sin and its devastation. He develops the truth of the state of mankind as being all subject to death because of Adam’s sin. But just as Adam in His one offense brought condemnation on all men, so Chr... Read More
Bruce Hulshizer

Is Your Labor in Vain?

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon says that all man's labor is in vain since it will not ultimately profit him anything, for he will die and leave it behind. This truth is emphasized and extended farther in the New Testament, but is also set in contrast with labor which is not in vain. If one is investing in... Read More
Bruce Hulshizer

The Love of the Father for the Son

The love of the Father for the Son is the ultimate of loves. In John 17, the Lord Jesus speaks of the Father’s love for Him being before the foundation of the world (v. 24), showing that it preceded all creation, originating singularly in the Godhead, and being from eternity past. No other love is l... Read More
Bruce Hulshizer

The Sun Also Rises

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon sees the continual rising and setting of the sun as another demonstration that life and its labors are futile (Eccl. 1:5). The sun just keeps doing the same thing, going around in a circle, never getting anywhere. Yet this very same fact, the sun’s continual rising and setti... Read More

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