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A Great Gap

Daniel 9:20-27. The reader who has traveled in company with us through the various branches of our subject (The Lord's Coming) will remember a cursory reference to what we ventured to call "an unnoticed interval – break – or parenthesis" in the dealings of God with Israel and with the earth. This is... Read More

A Motto for the Evangelist

2 Corinthians 10:16. "To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you". These words, while they set forth the large-heartedness of the self-denying and devoted apostle, do also furnish a fine model for the evangelist, in every age. The gospel is a traveler; and the preacher of the gospel must be a tr... Read More

A Word to the Evangelist

We trust it may not be deemed out of place if we venture to offer a word of counsel and encouragement to all who have been and are engaged in the blessed work of preaching the gospel of the grace of God. We are, in some measure, aware of the difficulties and discouragements which attend upon the pat... Read More

God's Way and How to Find it

"There is a path which no fowl knoweth and which the vulture's eye hath not seen: the lion's whelps have not trodden it nor the fierce lion passed by it". Job 28:7-8. What an unspeakable mercy for one who really desires to walk with God, to know that there is a way for him to walk in! God has prepar... Read More

The Alabaster Box

It is very needful to bear in mind, in this day of busy doing and restless activity, that God looks at everything from one stand point, measures everything by one rule, tries everything by one touchstone, and that touchstone, that rule, that standpoint is Christ. He values things just so far as they... Read More

The Olivet Discourse Part 1 – The Jewish Remnant

Matthew 24:1-44. Matthew 24:1-44 forms a part of one of the most profound and comprehensive discourses that ever fell on human ears – a discourse which takes in, in its marvelous sweep, the destiny of the Jewish remnant; the history of Christendom; and the judgment of the nations. Let us first look ... Read More

The Olivet Discourse Part 2A – Christendom: The Household Servant

Matthew 24:45-51. In our Lord's profound discourse on the mount of Olives, He deals with the subject of the Christian profession in three distinct parables: the household servant (Matthew 24:45-51); the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1-13); and the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). In each and all we have two th... Read More

The Olivet Discourse Part 2B – Christendom: The Ten Virgins

Matthew 25:1-13. We now approach that solemn section of our Lord's discourse in which He presents the kingdom of Heaven under the similitude of "ten virgins". The instruction contained in this most weighty and interesting parable is of wider application than that of the servant to which we have alre... Read More

The Olivet Discourse Part 2C – Christendom: The Talents

Matthew 25:14-30. It only remains for us now to consider that portion of our Lord's discourse in which He again takes up the deeply solemn subject of ministerial responsibility during the time of His absence. That this stands closely connected with the hope of His coming is evident from the fact tha... Read More

The Olivet Discourse Part 3 – The Judgment

Matthew 25:31-46. There is something peculiarly painful in the thought of having so frequently to come in collision with the generally received opinions of the professing Church. It looks presumptuous to contradict, on so many subjects, all the great standards and creeds of Christendom. But what is ... Read More

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