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§ 1. Meaning of the Words Enthusiasm and Mysticism. IN the popular sense of the word, enthusiasm means a high state of mental excitement. In that state all the powers are exalted, the thoughts become more comprehensive and vivid, the feelings more fervid, and the will more determined. It is in these... Read More

On Method

§ 1. Theology a Science. IN every science there are two factors: facts and ideas; or, facts and the mind. Science is more than knowledge. Knowledge is the persuasion of what is true on adequate evidence. But the facts of astronomy, chemistry, or history do not constitute the science of those departm... Read More


§ 1. Meaning and Usage of the Word. BY Rationalism is meant the system or theory which assigns undue authority to reason in matters of religion. By reason is not to be understood the Logos as revealed in man, as held by some of the Fathers, and by Cousin and other modern philosophers, nor the intuit... Read More

Roman Catholic Doctrine Concerning the Rule of Faith

§ 1. Statement of the Doctrine. 1. ROMANISTS reject the doctrine of the Rationalists who make human reason either the source or standard of religious truth. It is one of their principles, that faith is merely human when either its object or ground is human. Faith to be divine must have truth superna... Read More

The Protestant Rule of Faith

§1. Statement of the Doctrine. All Protestants agree in teaching that "the word of God, ascontained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, is the only infallible rule of faith and practice." In the Smalcald Articles,1 the Lutheran Church says "Ex patrum -- verbis et factis non sunt exstrue... Read More


§ 1. Its Nature. IF the views presented in the preceding chapter be correct, the question, What is Theology? is already answered. If natural science be concerned with the facts and laws of nature, theology is concerned with the facts and the principles of the Bible. If the object of the one be to ar... Read More

Future Punishment

Future Punishment Charles Hodge, 1797-1878 Our Lord in his account of the final judgment says, that the wicked shall go away into everlasting punishment; but the righteous into life eternal. The sufferings of the finally impenitent, according to the Scriptures, arise: (1.) From the loss of all earth... Read More

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