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Undeserving, Yet Unconditionally Loved

1 Corinthians 15:10 Whatever he became, according to his own statement, Paul owed it all to "the grace of God." When I ponder the words from that grand apostle, I come up with what we might call his credo. We can reduce it to three single-syllable statements, the first consisting of only eight words... Read More

Evidences of Christian Life

Because I am a Christian and rightly related to Jesus Christ I can expect to see a continual and normal evidence of Christ in my life. These are some of "the kinds of unique possessions, experiences, and blessings that are ours by God's grace to enjoy simply because we have been accepted into His fa... Read More

Magnificent Mercy

Several years ago, my sister asked me a question that I'd never been asked before: "What is your favorite feeling?" Ever thought about that? My answer to her was, "I believe my favorite feeling is the feeling of accomplishment." (Sounds like a driven person's answer, doesn't it?) I like the feeling ... Read More

Spirit Working in Us Today

Charles Swindoll (Flying Closer to the Flame, p 246) suggests when we are Spirit-filled and rightly related to Him we can claim the following things on a daily basis: We are surrounded by the Spirit's omnipotent shield of protection, continually and routinely. We have an inner dynamic to handle life... Read More

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