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A friend inside you!

Reading: John 14:1-17 1. A FRIEND... INSIDE YOU! A preacher was about to deliver a carefully prepared message when there came to him the conviction that it was not appropriate to the group of people before him. He reluctantly abandoned his notes, and seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance, decided to re... Read More

A home with a difference

2 Kings 4:8-17 A HOME WITH A DIFFERENCE Many years ago a man left the American continent and went away for several years. When he left, he was an unknown: no one knew that this man really existed or that he really lived. After being away from America for several years he returned. Upon his return he... Read More

A look at the book

Reading: Daniel 1:1-2 1. A LOOK AT THE BOOK The memo said "Top Secret". Every person in the Oval office had been given orders to arrive promptly at 8.00am. No one must know, especially CNN, that the president of the United States, the vice president, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Security ... Read More

A most unlikely evangelist

2 Kings 5:1-14 A MOST UNLIKELY EVANGELIST In May 1855, an eighteen-year-old boy went to the deacons of a church in Boston. He had been raised in a Unitarian church, in almost total ignorance of the Gospel, but when he moved to Boston to make his fortune, he began to attend a Bible-believing church. ... Read More

A young man who decides to say "No"

Reading: Daniel 1: 3-21 2. A YOUNG MAN WHO DECIDES TO SAY "NO " Many years ago Premier Khrushchev was speaking before the Supreme Soviet and was severely critical of the late Premier Stalin. While he was speaking someone from the audience sent up a note, "what were you doing when Stalin committed al... Read More

All's well that ends well

Reading: Daniel 12:1-13 ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL When Oliver Cromwell was sitting to have his portrait done, the artist asked him to cover the warts on his body. Cromwell replied, "Paint me warts and all". As we come to this concluding study on Daniel we have to say there weren't any warts on Danie... Read More

An anonymous benefactor

2 Cor 9:6-15 2 Kings 4:42-44 AN ANONYMOUS BENEFACTOR In the nineteenth century, Dr Barnardo conceived the idea of putting London's homeless waifs and stray children into the safety and security of small cottages where they could be loved and cared for. Close friends tried to dissuade Barnardo on the... Read More

Blessings from bones

2 Kings 13: 14-25 BLESSINGS FROM BONES Back in the eighteenth century the Methodist leader John Wesley said that one of the great testimonials to the truth of his message and the calibre of his work was the fact, as he put it "our people die well". Elisha lay dying from an unnamed terminal illness. ... Read More

Bow or burn

Reading: Daniel 3:1-30 5. BOW OR BURN John Chrysostom was one of the greatest of the Greek church fathers. He lived in AD 347-407. As a very young Christian he was brought before the Emperor, who said that if he would not give up Christ, he would be banished from the country. Chrysostom said, "You c... Read More

Divine direction

Reading: 2 Kings 8:1-6 DIVINE DIRECTION A lady received a brochure outlining a tour to Israel. She had the time, money and strength to take the trip but wondered if it were God's will. Rereading the pamphlet just before going to sleep, she noted that the airplane for the trip was a 747 jet. She toss... Read More

Does God do miracles today? - Sign gifts

Reading: John 15:1-17 15. SPIRITUAL FRUIT Once upon a time there was a handsome and heroic prince. He had his eye on a young lady from his kingdom. He knew that he had to travel abroad for quite a long time, so he asked one of his servants to tell the young lady about his love for her. "Show her, ho... Read More

Does God still heal?

Reading: Matthew 6:19-34 18. NAME AND CLAIM IT! One of the most unusual legacies of World War 2 has been the cargo cults of the South Pacific. Many aboriginal island peoples ranging from Australia to Indonesia were exposed to modern civilisation through the Allied Armed forces during the war. The Am... Read More

Down on your knees

Reading: Daniel 9:1-19 DOWN ON OUR KNEES A pastor once commented that he did not preach on prophecy because "prophecy distracts people from the present". One of his professors observed "Well, there is certainly a lot of distraction then in the Scriptures". It has been well stated that prophecy is no... Read More

Elisha's last sermon

2 Kings: 13:14-19 ELISHA'S LAST SERMON Elisha was ill... terminally ill. "Now Elisha was fallen sick of his sickness whereof he died". (13:14) And by that statement the writer of this Book has skipped many intervening laps in Elisha's long race with the baton of spiritual anointing which he had seiz... Read More

Europe in prophecy

Reading: Daniel 2:31-45 4. EUROPE IN PROPHECY Napoleon Bonaparte: Benito Mussolini: Winston Churchill... three names. One common denominator. They all shared a vision of a United States of Europe. Like pieces in a jigsaw it is all fitting together. A new Europe is emerging before our eyes. A Europea... Read More

Failures in our relationship to the Holy Spirit

Reading: 1 Cor 12:1-13 11. ITS NOT THE GIFT, BUT THE GIVER " Its not the gift, but the giver", she said as she handed the pastor a lovely wooden spice rack. She then handed our marble letter holders, wooden breadboards, leather handbags, fans and tablecloths, attractive paintings, and works of art. ... Read More

God's incredible plan for the nations

Daniel 7:1-28 GOD'S INCREDIBLE PLAN FOR THE NATIONS When one of the great highway tunnels was built in Colorado, the work began at both ends simultaneously. When the crews met they were only one-half inch off centre... and that was regarded as a remarkable engineering feat. The prophecies in the Bib... Read More

Have you lost your edge lately

2 Kings 6:1-7 HAVE YOU LOST YOUR EDGE LATELY A father collected his son from Junior Church and asked what Bible story they had heard. "It was about Moses and the Israelites, Dad", replied the boy. " They were trapped with the Red Sea in front of them and the Egyptian army behind them". "So what happ... Read More

Help... we're surrounded

2 Kings 6: 8 - 23 HELP... WE'RE SURROUNDED. In June 1920, the people of Shansi, China were warned that bandits were coming. Villagers quickly made what preparation they could. One lady missionary within the village was responsible for a mission school for about forty girls. How was she going to prot... Read More

How big is your God?

Reading: Daniel 2:1-30 3. HOW BIG IS YOUR GOD From a human standpoint, this is a story of hopelessness. Nebuchadnezzar, the king has asked the impossible. The astrologers are absolutely correct in their assessment of the situation. "There is not a man upon the earth that can show the king's matter".... Read More

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