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We all betray Jesus–all the time. Matthew 26:25 puts the action of Judas in the present active sense: “Then Judas, who was betraying Him.” If something within you resists the claim that we all actively betray Jesus, you have something of Peter lurking. “Lord even if all are made to stumble because o... Read More


“The mighty God, the maker of heaven and earth, will not be one of many treasures, not even the chief of all treasures. He will be all in all or He will be nothing.” - A.W. Tozer Disobedience is linked to disbelief. When you stop believing, you stop obeying. I obey Jesus because I trust Him. I trust... Read More


Generosity of heart is a prayer that God answers (Acts 10:2, 4). A gracious heart takes the greatest joy when others walk and grow in the truth (3 John 4). A stingy heart restricts the ministry of others and seeks to minimize their influence. Barnabas is a classic example of the generous heart God b... Read More


The Alpha is the Omega. God does not change and He who ends things starts things, He who is the end is the beginning. God is humanity’s end. When we long for His salvation (Psalm 119:174), we are in reality longing for Himself. God is humanity’s eternal beginning. At the re-creation of all things, w... Read More


It is in tenderness that God afflicts us–or allows us to be afflicted. The severe mercies of the Lord come to us in many forms, and one of them is affliction. Psalm 119:75 states: “In faithfulness You have afflicted me.” God’s faithfulness is not only expressed by blessings considered good; His fait... Read More


In 1 Chronicles 9 we are told that gatekeeping was a trusted office. Faithful men lived all around the temple and were given the responsibility of preserving holy worship. Tasks varied–some cleaned, some sang, some cooked [“the trusted office of things that were baked in pans” (v. 31)]–but they all ... Read More


There are certain things we know. We know these things because God came near and lived with us, because He lives in us by His Spirit, because His Word is our counselor (Psalm 119:24). John tells us that we know we have eternal life, we know we are of God, and we know the Spirit of God has come and g... Read More


It does not matter how much effort you put into good things. It does not matter how many people are involved. It does not matter how much professional advice you solicit. It does not matter how much consensus you build. If you do not repeatedly consult the Lord about the proper order, He will break ... Read More


Jesus carries the only opinion that matters. Omar Beiler puts it this way: “Don’t give other people free rent in your head.” We can spend inordinate energy worrying about what others think of us, rather than taking great pleasure in doing what God wants us to do. The longer life goes, the more diffi... Read More


We have made Christmas about coming home and being comfortable. Jesus’ approach to Christmas was to leave home and be uncomfortable. Christmas has become safe and cozy, a time to relax and give gifts to one another. The original Christmas involved God leaving the comfort of heaven to give a most pre... Read More


Jim Elliot and friends had no idea how many would be called into missions as a result of their sacrificial death. Our deaths can have a profoundly positive effect on others. Our deaths even have resurrection power. When Jesus “yielded up His spirit” (Matt. 27:50), verses 51 and 52 then tell us that ... Read More


Currently there is an inordinate emphasis on size and speed when it comes to the development of the church. Church history soberly shows that orthodoxy tends not to spread as swiftly as heresy and that bad teaching outpaces good. It is the slow, steady repeated truth of God that builds the enduring ... Read More


Followers of Jesus love His promise of empowerment. Facing overwhelming odds with underwhelming strength, we cling to the lifeline of God’s promised power: “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:8). We are well versed with the purpose of power-bearing witness to... Read More


God is continually pierced by the foolish things that come out of our mouths. Rather than grace and supplication (Zech. 12:10), we tend to speak the words of Herod–eloquent arrogance (Acts 12:23). We fall in love with the sound of our own voice and believe the flatterers who tell us we speak like a ... Read More


In the mad rush of ministry that puts its hope in dramatic signs and wonders, we are in danger of missing the wonder of the great signs of God. There is no healing or miracle that can match the awesome and sequential surprises of Christ’s incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and triump... Read More


We too easily forget who builds the Church. Missionaries don’t build the Church. Money doesn’t build the Church. Programs don’t build the Church. Methods don’t build the Church. Indigenous leaders don’t build the Church. Miracles don’t build the Church. Witness does not build the Church. Not even ou... Read More


God’s Word is both a comfort in affliction (Psalm 119:50) and a source of persecution. Revelation 20:4 tells of the souls who were “beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God.” The Word of God both gets us into trouble and takes us through it. In these last days it is imperative tha... Read More


The filling of the Spirit always affects the tongue. First Corinthians 13 does not urge us to silence but to speak from love. Love in fact compels us to speak of Jesus. The most common hate crime committed by Christians is to not speak. Our silence is indicative of lesser love for Jesus, for if we r... Read More

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