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There was no doubt in our hearts and minds - this was more than a "good" idea, it was a "God idea" that required our absolute obedience and commitment. BULLDOG, FAITH moves ORDINARY PRAYER into the realm of INTENSIVE CARE! It is fervent and ferocious against every work of the enemy! Our BULLDOG Pray... Read More

An Open Letter to Bill McCartney by Bill Randles

From Pastor Bill Randles, Believers In Grace Fellowship Church August 22, 1995 Dear Mr. McCartney, My name is Bill Randles and I am the pastor of Believers in Grace Fellowship Church that I founded in 1982. I am writing to express certain reservations and concerns I have about Promise Keepers. The r... Read More

Are you really a Promise Keeper?" - an open letter from Mitchell V. Casler:

Dear Promise Keeper, Greetings from a man who has walked in your shoes. I attended the Boulder '93 PK Conference. I was a counselor at the conference in Denton, Texas and then attended the conference at Texas Stadium. I have been to several Leadership Seminars and rallies. I will not hesitate to say... Read More

Brownsville Testimony (by Shawn Paul Sauve)

As a charismatic Christian, I have had some interest in the doctrines and practices being advocated at Brownsville. This has resulted in some on-going dialogue with staff at Brownsville. I have also listened to many Brownsville sermons that I downloaded from the internet, and read many statements ma... Read More

Can There be Revival without Repentance - by Sarah Leslie

"God is going to take over the White House… He is going to take over the Oval Office… because it belongs to Him and He is going to bring all things summed up into the fullness of Christ. He is going to take that Supreme Court. He is going to turn that inside out. He is going to pray that strong man ... Read More

How Could Buddy Harrison Die of Cancer?

How is it possible that the son-in-law of Kenneth E. Hagin, founder of Harrison House Publishers, and Head of the Faith Christian Fellowship (FCF) Word of Faith denomination could have succumbed to cancer and die the last Saturday of November, 1998? If anyone knew the WOF teachings on divine healing... Read More

How NOT to Interpret the Bible - by Tricia Tillin

Many Christians read the bible without realising that there are different ways of interpreting it. Perhaps the most common mistake is thinking there needs to be no interpretation at all, and the second mistake is in accepting ANY interpretation as equally valid. In fact, the method most conducive to... Read More

Is What You See What You Get? by Al Dager

Anticipation hangs heavy over the stadium as some 27,000 men make their way to seats becoming increasingly sparse. The mood is festive as large beach balls are punched with vigor, sending them on a never-ending course throughout the crowd. A Styrofoam glider wafts its way from the upper regions, acc... Read More

Look Before You Laugh

Introduction Christianity is no stranger to controversy. Christians do not always agree on all subjects. Issues of freedom, and personal preference in worship, style and order of church services are as varied as individual Christians. The issue of differences of opinion in matters of practice has pr... Read More

Major Split at Brownsville - News Report

School founder dismissed in dispute over denominational accountability. A major rift has emerged at the heart of the Brownsville revival, which has drawn thousands of visitors since a dynamic move of God began on Father's Day 1995. The leader of the school founded to train others for service has bee... Read More

Michael Brown's Address on leaving Brownsville

Dr. Michael Brown's address on leaving Brownsville Thursday night: I'm going to have to speak as clearly as I can without the mike right now. Can you hear me in the back? Yes. Anyone who wants to come up closer, feel free to do that. We've got our [tape] running? Is it running properly? Is our backu... Read More

More Rampant Anti-intellectualism from the Anointed Gnostic - Mr. Jesse Duplantis

Naturally, the devil tried to shut down this living, breathing Church. He wanted dry bones. He began to take the freshness of God and put Ecclesiastical dogma on it. He used theological Understanding to water down the [email protected] (Jesse Duplantis, Voice of the Covenant magazine, November 1997,... Read More

Not "New Wine" - Hard Liquor!

(Eyewitness Account of Spiritual Drunkenness in Toronto 1997) My wife and I celebrated our 14 years of blissful marriage and our anniversary coincided with a week of "soaking" at "Joel's Bar" at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF). People came to get spiritually drunk and drunk they got. We ... Read More

On a Collision Course - Militant Tendencies in the Church!

ON A COLLISION COURSE Bible-believing Christians likely to be persecuted In previous editions of "Mainstream" we covered progressively such topics as the false "spirit of love", the laugh-ing manifestations of Rodney Howard Browne, and then his connections to the Toronto Airport Vineyard Fellowship ... Read More

Pensacola News Journal - Report on Brownsville

A spontaneous outpouring of Christian spirit turned a one-night revival into a 2-year phenomenon. Fervent worshippers fell limp in the aisles and spoke in tongues. The evangelist himself had been saved from heroin addiction and crime after being born again. These were some of the stories that came o... Read More

Pensacola: Latter Rain Deception (by Rev. Ron Stringfellow)

"Those who disregard the past are bound to repeat it."-- George Santayana In 1949 at the General Council of the Assemblies of God held in Seattle, the Council overwhelmingly approved a resolution that was prepared by a committee that dealt with the Latter Rain Movement. The resolution adopted disapp... Read More

PK Developments (ecumenism)

How comfortable do the leaders of Promise Keepers feel with Roman Catholics? Are they really wary and concerned for sound biblical fundamentalist doctrine? Or are they - as we long suspected - hand in hand with Rome on a journey towards ecumenical unity? Recently, PK was the subject of an article in... Read More

Promise Keepers - A Militant Unity? By Ed Tarkowski and Sarah Leslie

Promise Keepers, a rapidly growing ecumenical men's movement, may be the best tool for those holding the Manifest Sons of God doctrines to market their beliefs to the rest of the American church. These beliefs, which are foundational to the Laughing Phenomenon associated with Rodney Howard-Browne, a... Read More

Promise Keepers: Should Fundamentalists Get Involved? Compiled by Miguel Betancourt

In the summer of 1990, while traveling in a car from Denver to Pueblo, Colorado, for a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting, University of Colorado football coach Bill McCartney spoke with a friend, Dave Wardell, about the need for a men's ministry (David Halbrook, "Promise Keepers Looks Ahead,"... Read More

Promise Keepers: The Seven False Premises By Jack Stephens

What an exhilarating scene--an arena jam-packed with thousands of sincere men standing together to declare their allegiance and devotion. Before the main event ever takes place a crescendo of praise erupts. Everyone is caught up in the evident power of the moment and they sense that they are part of... Read More

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