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Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 1

Donald Gee was an English theologian who helped the A/G's author much of their fundamentals. When the abuses of the "Healing Revivals" came to his attention he wrote a booklet with his thoughts about divine healing. It wasn't too popular in 1952 but it is a very good treatment of the subject of divi... Read More

Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 10

The doctrine that deliverance from sickness, by Divine healing, is provided for in the Atonement is securely based upon a scriptural foundation, but it needs interpreting in the light of the whole of the Word of God. To apply it indiscriminately and blindly is to plunge multitudes of good people int... Read More

Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 11

The Church owes a debt she never can repay to those brave pioneers who have loved not their lives even to the death that it might become established once again as part of the Gospel. And an equal debt is owing to those denominations that have made bold to include a declaration of their faith in Divi... Read More

Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 12

To relieve the conscience of a quite uncalled-for-sense of failure and inconsistency would be a profound service to many sincere Christians who hold mental and spiritual integrity as of highest importance. If a radical doctrinal position is found to be untenable in practice it calls for proper modif... Read More

Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 2

Neither can we doubt Paul’s personal desire that such a faithful fellow-labourer should be healed, rather than left behind sick. The apostle’s concern for Epaphroditus in a similar case, and his deep relief when “God had mercy on him” revealed Paul’s love for his helpers if by any chance sickness la... Read More

Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 3

Closer attention to these suggestive facts might throw light on some of our problems of Divine healing when we see those greatly used in healing others unable to get healing for themselves. There need be nothing inconsistent in that when we see deeply enough. Indeed perhaps there is something profou... Read More

Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 4

Let there be confession of all known faults; let there be humble prayer for light on any hindrance to healing that obedience can remove; let faith be strengthened by the promises of the word of God and the testimonies of those Divinely healed; but let all this be done in love. And all the time bewar... Read More

Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 5

It is perfectly natural in all of us to shun disease and death, and our fears and distaste make us eagerly grasp at a doctrine that offers us immunity. For similar reasons there are many Christians who love the doctrine of what is usually called the “Rapture” far more because it holds out to them th... Read More

Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 6

Did Trophimus call for the Elders of the Church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the Name of the Lord, that he might be raised up from his sickness (James 5:14-15)? If Paul could call for the Elders of the Church at Ephesus to come to him at Miletus for a very different purpose, there wou... Read More

Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 7

A gracious promise crowns the instruction in James—“The Lord shall raise him up.” It is unthinkable that such a word could find a place in the New Testament without a blessed fulfillment being a commonplace among Christians. They fell sick like other men—but they were healed by the Lord. Their answe... Read More

Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 8

A doctrinal basis for the conception of Divine healing as being unquestionably in the will of God for all has been provided by most Pentecostal denominations in their official statements of faith. It takes the form of the doctrine that Divine healing has been “provided for in the Atonement” (British... Read More

Trophimus I Left Sick - Part 9

In the case of Paul’s famous “thorn in the flesh” there was no removal, bout only a satisfying explanation (II Cor. 12:7-9). It was not chastisement, but rather a stern preventative against spiritual failure that would have ruined his further ministry. It was an entirely extreme and exceptional case... Read More

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