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Missionary Extraordinary

For more than half a century, Dr. E. Stanley Jones proclaimed the Gospel of Christ and applied it to men's personal, social, national, and international problems as they arose on every continent and among all cultures.He was probably the world's best-known and longest-tested Christian missionary and... Read More

Graven On His Hands?

Being in Christ is bigger than we supposed. Instead of being within the sphere of influence of a historical figure, who faintly and indirectly operates on us as any other historical figure, perhaps a little more vividly and vitally, we are beginning to see that to be in Him is to be in ultimate real... Read More

His Yoke is Easy

The phrase I've said most in life is this one: "Lord, You've got me." And I've meant it. And it works -- works gloriously. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Why? Because He puts nothing on you? On the contrary, you come to Him and He will dump the world and its troubles into your heart. You ... Read More

In and Out of Christ -- Two Worlds

In and out of Christ represent two worlds -- the world of heaven and the world of hell, the world of creation and the world of decay, the world of life and the world of death. Take, for example, the disciples: As long as they stayed in Christ, obeyed His will, caught His ways, and showed His spirit ... Read More

Life and Life Abundantly

We have looked at the tragic results of being out of Christ, and now we will turn to the triumphant results of being "in Christ." There are both sides, and if we listen only to one side we become half persons, listening only to the half facts. In Europe the joyous smaller bells ring out the quarter ... Read More

That Which Has Been Made Was Life In Him

We are beginning to see that to be in Him is to be in something. That something is turning out to be Something, and the Something is turning out to be Everything. The writer of the Fourth Gospel put it: "In him was life, and the life was the light of men (John 1:4). In him was life -- outside Him wa... Read More

The Center is Self, The Margin is Disorder

Everything which is transferred from the kingdom of self to the kingdom of God has life in it -- eternal life. It has security in eternal security. Everything transferred from the kingdom of God to the kingdom of self has death in it -- eternal death. Yesterday we saw a pastor dramatically step from... Read More

This is My Meat and Drink

A Hindu sadhu, "a holy man," pulled out a New Testament from his saffron robe and said, "This is my meat and drink." Is humanity more and more pulling from the folds of its heart the New Testament out of sheer necessity? Are our deep down needs taking us by the hand and leading us to Him? Yes, incre... Read More

What Happens to the Self

What happens to the self under the Christian faith? It is an important question as the self is the only thing we own. It is the only thing we will take out with us when we go out of this world. It is the thing we have to live with while we are here. You can'��t blame some people for not wanting to l... Read More

What is Conversion?

Jesus said: Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 18:3 KJV) Rabindranath Tagore, the great Indian poet and philosopher, said this passage was the most beautiful passage in the bible. But what is conversion? Converted comes from... Read More

Who Alone Has Immortality?

We are considering the passage: "That which has been made was life in Him" -- the created thing has only existence until it is placed in Christ by surrender. Then it has life, eternal life. This is far-reaching in its consequences. All coming to Jesus has the feeling of a home-coming upon it. All go... Read More

Worry - Anxiety - Fear

Almost every evil is some perverted good. Worry, anxiety, and fear are perverted good. There is an instinct within us to look ahead, to plan, to think about meeting possible situation before they come. This capacity of foresight is probably one of the basic reasons for man's rise beyond the animal. ... Read More

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