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An Address to the Soul Occasioned by a Rain

Ye Flippering Soule, Why dost between the Nippers dwell? Not stay, nor goe. Not yea, nor yet Controle. Doth this doe well? Rise journy'ng when the skies fall weeping Showers, Not o're nor under th' Clouds and Cloudy Powers. Not yea, nor noe: On tiptoes thus? Why sit on thorns? Resolve the matter: St... Read More

And All Drunk the Same Spirituall Drinke

Ye Angells bright, pluck from your Wings a Quill. Make me a pen thereof that best will write. Lend me your fancy, and Angellick skill To treate this Theme, more rich than Rubies bright. My muddy Inke, and Cloudy fancy dark, Will dull its glory, lacking highest Art. An Eye at Centre righter may descr... Read More

God Commends His Love Unto Us, In That While We Were Yet Sinners, Christ Died For Us

Meditation on Romans 5:8 by Edward Taylor Thou pry'st thou screw'st my sincking Soul up to, Lord th'Highest Vane amazements Summit Wears Seeing thy Love ten thousand wonders do Breaking Sins Back that blockt it up: us snares. The Very Stars, and Sun themselves did scoule, Yea Angells too, till it sh... Read More

He Sent a Man Before Them, Even Joseph, Who Was Sold, etc.

All Dull, my Lord, my Spirits flat, and dead All water sockt and sapless to the skin. Oh! Screw mee up and make my Spirits bed Thy quickening vertue For my inke is dim, My pensill blunt. Doth Joseph type out thee? Haraulds of Angells sing out, Bow the Knee. Is Josephs glorious shine a Type of thee? ... Read More


Make me, O Lord, thy Spinning Wheele compleat; Thy Holy Worde my Distaff make for mee. Make mine Affections thy Swift Flyers neate, And make my Soule thy holy Spoole to bee. My Conversation make to be thy Reele, And reele the yarn thereon spun of thy Wheele. Make me thy Loome then, knit therein this... Read More

I am the Living Bread

I kening through Astronomy Divine The Worlds bright Battlement, wherein I spy A Golden Path my Pensill cannot line, From that bright Throne unto my Threshold ly. And while my puzzled thoughts about it pore I finde the Bread of Life in't at my doore. When that this Bird of Paradise put in This Wicker... Read More

I Go to Prepare a Place for You.

What shall a Mote up to a Monarch rise? An Emmet match an Emperor in might? If Princes make their personall Exercise Betriming mouse holes, painting with delight! Or hanging Hornets nests with rich attire All that pretende to Wisdome would admire. The Highest Office and Highst Officer Expende on low... Read More

If One Died For All Then Are All Dead

Meditation on 2 Cor. 5:14 by Edward Taylor Oh! Good, Good, Good, my Lord. What more Love yet. Thou dy for meet What, am I dead in thee? What did Deaths arrow shot at me thee hit? Didst slip between that flying shaft and mee? Didst make thyselfe Deaths marke shot at for nice? So that her Shaft shall ... Read More

Let Him Kiss Me With the Kisse of His Mouth

What placed in the Sun: and yet my ware, A Cloud upon my head? an Hoodwinke blinde? In middst of Love thou layst on mee, despare? And not a blinke of Sunshine in my minde? Shall Christ bestow his lovely Love on his, And mask his face? allowing not a kiss? Shall ardent love to Christ enfire the Heart... Read More

Meditation 1

What Love is this of thine, that Cannot bee In thine Infinity, O Lord, Confinde, Unless it in thy very Person see, Infinity, and Finity Conjoyn'd? What hath thy Godhead, as not satisfide Marri'de our Manhood, making it its Bride? Oh, Matchless Love! filling Heaven to the brim! O're running it: all r... Read More

Our Insufficiency to Praise God Suitably, for His Mercy.

Should all the World so wide to atoms fall Should th'Aire be shred to motes, should we Se all the Earth hackt here so small That none Could smaller bee? Should Heaven, and Earth be Atomizd, we guess The Number of these Motes were numberless. But should we then a World each Atom deem, Where dwell as ... Read More

short bio

Edward Taylor (1642-1729) was a New England Puritan. He was born in Leicestershire and became a school teacher with Puritan sympathies. After the Great Ejection, Taylor left England, studied divinity at Harvard, and eventually became minister of Westfield, Massachusetts. Taylor was a colleague of In... Read More

The Cup of Blessing Which Wee Bless, is It Not the Comunion of the Body of Christ? etc.

Meditation on 1 Cor. 10:16 by Edward Taylor Oh! Gracious Grace! whither soarst thou? How high Even from thy root to thy top branch dost tower? Thou springst from th'essence of blesst Deity And grow'st to th'top of Heavens all blissfull flower. Thou art not blackt but brightend by the Sin Of Gods Ele... Read More

The Joy Of Church Fellowship Rightly Attended

In Heaven soaring up, I dropt an Eare On Earth: and oh! sweet Melody! And listening, found it was the Saints who were Encoacht for Heaven that sang for Joy. For in Christs Coach they sweetly sing, As they to Glory ride therein. Oh! joyous hearts! Enfir'de with holy Flame! Is speech thus tasseled wit... Read More

The Reflexion

Canticles 2:1 "I am the rose of Sharon." Lord, art thou at the Table Head above Meat, Med'cine, Sweetness, sparkling Beautys, to Enamour Souls with Flaming Flakes of Love, And not my Trencher, nor my Cup o'reflow? Ben't I a bidden guest? Oh! sweat mine Eye: O'reflow with Teares: Oh! draw thy fountai... Read More

Things Present

Oh! that I ever felt what I profess. 'Twould make me then the happi'st man alive. Ten thousand Worlds of Saints can't make this less By living on't, but it would make them thrive. These Loaves and Fishes are not lessened Nor Pasture over stock, by being fed. Lord am I thine? art thou, Lord, mine? So... Read More

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