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Elmer G. Klassen

Changes For The Better

Changes for the better are not natural but supernatural. Contrary to the evolutionary theory only changes for the worse in our society come by natural means, while changes for the better are the result of sudden, supernatural interventions from God. Man is born with nothing that can contribute anyth... Read More
Elmer G. Klassen

Evangelicals Are Praying And Fasting More

The increased interest in prayer and fasting among evangelical Christians is the most encouraging news of the day. Christians fasting and praying for God’s intervention in personal and national affairs has more significance in future political developments than a signing of a peace agreement in the ... Read More
Elmer G. Klassen

Great Commission Praying

Our Lord’s last word on earth to His followers was the commission to make disciples of all nations. He showed them His confidence in their being able to accomplish it and gave them instructions how they were to go about their task. They were to return to Jerusalem and not leave there till they had p... Read More
Elmer G. Klassen

Help Comes In the Morning!

In his book, THE INNER LIFE, Andrew Murray says that morning has always been considered the time best suited for personal worship by God’s servants. Most Christians regard it as a duty and a privilege to devote some portion of the beginning of the day to seek fellowship with God. Many Christians obs... Read More
Elmer G. Klassen

The Blessings of Obedience

A good soldier is known for his obedience. This is the strength of an army. A proud king, with a great army following him, demanded the submission of a humble king of a small but brave nation. When the ambassadors from the proud king waited for a reply after having delivered their message, the humbl... Read More
Elmer G. Klassen

Who Believes The Book Of Romans And Will

Why ask people to trust Christ when it does not make much difference if they do? When there are as many divorces within the church as outside the church, the habits of Christians essentially is the same as non-Christians, the pleasures of sin just as much enjoyed in the church as outside the church,... Read More

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