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Ernest C Reisinger

Ernest Reisinger was the pastor emeritus of Grace Baptist church in Cape Coral, Florida, and associate editor of The Founders Journal. He has authored numberous books and pamplets, including Today's Evangelism, and Lord & Christ: The Implications of Lo
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Ernest C Reisinger

The Carnal Christian

Many who regularly occupy church pews, fill church rolls, and are intellectually acquainted with the facts of the gospel never strike one blow for Christ. They seem to be at peace with his enemies. They have no quarrel with sin and, apart from a few sentimental expressions about Christ, there is no ... Read More
Ernest C Reisinger

Building a New Work

In the early 1950's Carlisle was a small town in South-Central Pennsylvania. Mainline denominations had a commanding influence on the religious life of the community. Ernest C. Reisinger had a small construction business. He was a member of one of the Presbyterian churches and preached regularly at ... Read More
Ernest C Reisinger

A History of Dispensationalism in America

In our last study we considered the vital relationship of Dispensationalism to the Lordship controversy. Dispensationalism is the theological mother of non-Lordship teaching. In this study I wish to give a very brief history of dispensationalism in the U.S.A. This is not meant to be an exhaustive st... Read More
Ernest C Reisinger

Reforming A Local Church

Strengthen The Things That Remain Rev. 3:2 "Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die..." Rev. 3:4 "Yet you have a few people...who have not soiled their clothing." INTRODUCTION In recent years God has been pleased to raise up many among Southern Baptists who have returned, and others who... Read More

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