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A Beneficent Dictator?

Am I Totally Free? Am I a little bunch of atoms that has to work out a direction for its own actions each day ? Or am I a member of a family whose loving father has a life he wishes to live in and through me? The answer to the first question is "no" and the answer to the second is "yes", BUT we live... Read More

A Clean Heart (Matthew 15:9-12)

I'm going to swear so get ready, ok? It's just a mild swear because I wasn't good at swearing at all. Ok, are you ready? Damn! Alright? Now, that wasn't hard, was it? It wasn't hard for you, but still, it's a part from an illustration, it's still long, doesn't matter whether it was hard or not, it's... Read More

A Heart Cleansed By Faith (ACTS 15:9)

Two of the most tragic words in many of the lives and probably of your own life, two of the most tragic words are these: "I can't, I can't, I can't stop being angry. I can't stop taking tranquillizers. I can't stop losing my temper. I can't stop these lustful unclean thoughts. I can't stop being cri... Read More

A New Life

Can you change your life? Can you break the patterns of thought and habits of behaviour that have ruled your life for years? Some of us dream of a permanent holiday-not just a wishful break in the Caribbean where something unexpected may happen or where we will somehow erupt into a new, wonderful ex... Read More

A New You

What Are You? You did not come into this world as a little animal that has to start finding out what it should do here. You came as a person who has been created by our Maker inside his own Son: this is why at times you feel you are not only unique but valuable. In fact, you are a distinctive expres... Read More

A Personal Guidance System

It does, doesn't it? Exciting at six; exciting even at eighteen; but after you've mouthed the same old platitudes year after year (you can't trust people, think great and you'll be great, nobody can be honest all the time), life seems to grow more and more stale. And you yourself lose the sense that... Read More

A Simple Gospel

From time to time, loved ones, what we have done is pause in the study of Romans, and that's what I'd like to do just today, before we begin to tackle in detail Israel and all that God has to show us through the people of Israel, and I'd like just once more just to preach the gospel, very briefly, j... Read More

Am I Just My Mother's Child?

Your Birth When were you born? Now, is that when you really started to exist? Some would say that you might have existed in a previous life as an animal or a different human being. People who believe in reincarnation would say that this could be your second or third or umpteenth life, but empirical ... Read More

An Awakened Conscience

When God is mentioned, most people today feel nothing. The whole idea seems something that is beyond our ability to conceive. We just cannot get hold of anything beyond the vague associations of archbishops, church, and religion. It seems as if part of us is missing - the part that can respond to th... Read More

Any Life Greater Than Death?

We're discussing whether there exists any life greater than this human mental, emotional, and physical life that you and I experience. Is there any superhuman life? We've been looking at a remarkable "more-than-human" life that was lived in the first century of our era by a man in Palestine called J... Read More

Are You Important?

One of the most difficult concepts to accept is that you're so insignificant. All of us feel this even though we don't say it. After all, everyone else seems to put up with it! Nevertheless, it makes you wonder whether you're anything more than a little blip on the huge radar screen of the centuries... Read More

Are You Successful?

Many of us today think we're nothing! Often we say and do things that make others think we're arrogant or proud or sure of ourselves. But inside our own hearts we hide a different self-a self that feels it's worth nothing, achieves nothing, and will die without ever being missed. This comes from the... Read More

Baptism With The Spirit (Romans 7:15)

We've been talking the past two Sundays about the biggest problem that each one of us faces in our every day life and I think you'll agree when I tell you what it is. It's the problem expressed by Paul in that verse that we read. "I do not understand my own actions for I do not do what I want but I ... Read More

Can We Experience It?

Many of us human beings have tried to fly. This is true not only of the early aviation attempts where men strapped themselves into all kinds of winged contraptions and jumped off cliffs. It is true of people like you and me, who feel the frustrations of our earth-bound existence and long to be able ... Read More

Can You and God Both Have Free Wills?

To live as if you are totally responsible for yourself -- or to live as part of another person who is absolutely wise and all-powerful -- that is the question! And the answer that most of us give is "we only know the first and have no idea how to experience the second". All we know to do is to live ... Read More

Can You Begin Again?

You need money? You get a job! Right? Of course--that's just commonsense. You're feeling a little depressed--so you take an upper, or a sherry, or an icecream. You feel a little inferior? Go out and buy a new outfit or stereo that your friends will admire-- that will help your self-esteem. This is t... Read More

Can You Live It?

Most of us feel we were made for bigger things -- bigger things than we're involved in! We recognize that there are megalomaniacs - people who think they're Napoleon or God; we know that's insane and wrong. But we still feel we have something unique inside us -- something which we were made to do - ... Read More

Communion - Jesus' Travail For You (Isaiah 53.11)

If you have a Bible with you please turn to Isaiah 53:11. This is the real reason for taking communion and it's the basis of really taking it and not just eating bread and drinking wine. You remember it's the miraculous description of Jesus' experience on the cross, written eight centuries before Je... Read More

Conscience and Will

Some of us feel that we are bigger than this short life we have here on earth. Something inside us makes us feel we were made to live longer. Somehow it seems such a waste that a complex organism like our brain and body, our emotions and our minds should end in dust. Moreover, deep inside us there s... Read More

Daily Life Without It!

We've all experienced a life-power that surprises us by its unexpected strength or its unexpected consequences. There isn't one of us who has not been elated by physical energy that has surged within us at times of extreme exhaustion or traumatic crisis. All of us are able to look back on certain mo... Read More

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