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"Filled with the Holy Spirit"

What may not one man do in one brief life, if he is willing to be simply a living conduit-pipe through which the power of God may descend to men? There is no limit to the possible usefulness of such a life. There is, on the one hand, the oceanic fullness of God; on the other, the awful need and deso... Read More

"Go, Return!"

It is a very solemn thought that one sin may forever, so far as this world is concerned, wreck our usefulness. It is not always so. Sometimes -- as in the case of the apostle Peter -- the Lord graciously restores and recommissions for His work the one who might have been counted unfit ever again to ... Read More

(1.) Gal_1:15-16 : "When it pleased God,

Who separated me from my mother's womb, and called me by His grace, to reveal His Son in me, that I might preach Him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood." "It pleased God to reveal His Son in me." Now, " to reveal" means "to undrape." There is a statue. It is covered ... Read More

(2.) Gal_1:24 : "They glorified God in me."

Some young men belonging to the Salvation Army came to old Andrew Bonar, and they said: " Dr. Bonar, we have been" all night with God. Can't you see our faces shine? " The old man said: "Moses wist not that his face shone," When you have got the real article you do not need to advertise it, the publ... Read More

(3.) Gal_2:8 : "The same was mighty in me."

Hudson Taylor told me that on the threshhold of his great life work God came to him and said: "My child, I am going to evangelize inland China, and if you like to walk with me I will do it through you." "Mighty in me." I cannot take that Bible class, but Christ is in me, and HE can. I cannot conduct... Read More

(4.) Gal_2:20 : "Christ liveth in me."

One day when traveling by train, a young man sat opposite me in the car, reading Thomas a Kempis' "Imitation of Christ." I knew the book, and sat beside him and said: "A grand book." He said: "Yes." Said I: "I have found something better." "Better?" "Yes." "How?" "Better for me, because I was always... Read More

(5) One verse more. Gal_4:19 :

"My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you." You know, of course, that an egg has in it a little embryo of life, and the nutriment, the viscous fluid upon which it shall grow; and every day the little life germ pecks into this more and more, and the chick is ... Read More


"Then Abimelech called Abraham, and said unto him, What hast thou done unto us? and what have I offended thee, and thou hast brought on me and on my kingdom a great sin?" Genesis 20:9. For long years an evil may lurk in our hearts, permitted and unjudged, breeding failure and sorrow in our lives, as... Read More


I invite your attention to a few words found in 1Co_9:27 : "Lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway." Paul was too eager and too practical a man to dally with a bogy dread. Since then he intimates that it was his daily fear lest, after having preached to... Read More

A certain man . . smote the king of IsraelA certain man . . smote the king of Israel

A certain man . . smote the king of Israel between the joints of the harness. 1 Kings xxii. 34. EVERY man we meet is clothed in armour; in other words, we all cover ourselves with plates on which to receive the thrust of accusation and reproach. "I only do as others." "I do not see any special harm ... Read More

A certain portion should be for the singers.

A certain portion should be for the singers. Neh. xi. 23. IT was the king's command, and it was very right and sensible, because they enlivened and quickened the life of the entire community. A mere utilitarian spirit might have refused to maintain them, because they did not contribute to the handic... Read More

A Double Portion of Elijah's Spirit

There is one incident forever associated with the translation of Elijah, which, though it largely concerns his friend and successor, is so characteristic of the great prophet himself that we must not pass it over without some notice. It is deeply significant. We are told that, after they had passed ... Read More

A man of rest . . . he shall build.

A man of rest . . . he shall build. 1 Chron. xxii. 9, 10. THE men of rest are the builders of the most lasting structures. Solomon builds the Temple, not David. Mary's deed of anointing, learnt in much sitting at the Lord's feet, fills the world with its aroma. What is needed to make us men and wome... Read More

A perfect and an upright man.

A perfect and an upright man. Job ii. 3. EVEN God spoke of Job as perfect. Not that he was absolutely so, as judged by the perfect standard of eternity, but as judged by the standard of his own light and knowledge. He was living up to all the requirements of God and man, so far as he understood them... Read More


"And Abraham planted a grove in Beersheba, and called there on the name of the Lord, the everlasting God: and Abraham sojourned in the Philistines' land many days." -- Genesis 21:33-34. When a river is approaching its plunge down some mighty chasm, its waters flow with placid stillness; every ripple... Read More

Aaron was separated, he and his sons for ever,

Aaron was separated, he and his sons for ever, to minister unto Him. 1 Chron. xxiii. 13. THE threefold office of Aaron suggests our own. When we are prepared to follow Jesus, through the rent vail of his flesh, living a truly separated life, cleansing ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and s... Read More

Adam, Sheth, Enosh.

Adam, Sheth, Enosh. 1 Chron. i. 1. THIS is an ancient graveyard. The names of past generations who were born and died, who loved and suffered, who stormed and fought through the world, are engraven on these solid slabs. But there is no inscription to record their worth or demerit. Just names, and no... Read More

Ahab did more to provoke the Lord

Ahab did more to provoke the Lord to anger than all the kings. 1Kings xvi. 33. HIS sin was very aggravated, largely through the influence of Jezebel, his young and beautiful wife, who introduced the abominations of Phoenician idol‑worship. This is why he is said to have exceeded his predecessors in ... Read More

All the days of my warfare would I wait, till

All the days of my warfare would I wait, till my release should come. Job xiv. 14 (R.V.). THE Lord Jesus has chosen us to be his soldiers. We are in the midst of a great campaign: let us endure hardness, as good soldiers of Jesus Christ, and strive above all things to please Him (2 Tim. ii. 4). Amon... Read More

All the valiant men . . .

All the valiant men . . . 1 Sam. xxxi. 11, 12. THIS was a noble and generous act. At the beginning of his reign, in the early dawn of youthful promise and prowess, when he was the darling of the nation, Saul had interposed to deliver their beleagured city. And now, as the awful tidings of his defeat... Read More

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