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Our Strength and Our Weakness

"Out of weakness were made strong."--Heb. xi:34. THE religion of God has ever been a religion of faith. The faith of the Bible is a principle of action which governs the lives of men and brings them into submission to the divine will. A life of faith, therefore, is a life of growth. By faith men are... Read More

Plus Ultra Vs. Ne Plus Ultra

[An Address Delivered Before Eminence College, June 10, 1881.] LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF EMINENCE COLLEGE:--It has ever been a delight to me to meet with the faculty and students of Eminence College on these festive occasions. It is but natural that the hearts of those who have gone out from these cla... Read More

Rebuilding Jerusalem

"I am doing a great work, so that I can not come down; why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?"--Nehemiah vi:3. THIS is the language of Nehemiah, the servant of God, to the delegation sent to him by Sanballat and Geshem, asking him to meet them in some one of the villages... Read More

Self Culture

[An Address Delivered Before Columbia Christian College, June 7, 1878.] Ladies and Gentlemen:--I am happy in the privilege of again addressing you in the interests of the great work in which you are so nobly engaged. To-day many of you go out from under the fostering care of this institution, to eng... Read More

The New Birth: Its Nature and Necessity

"Except a man be born anew, he can not see the kingdom of God."--(John 3: 3.) TWO words in the text demand special attention. These are "see" and "kingdom." In what sense did the Saviour use the word "see"? Did He mean that unless one is born again he can not, with the natural eye, see the kingdom o... Read More

What Shall we do About the Organ? w/J.W. McGarvey

WHAT SHALL WE DO ABOUT THE ORGAN? ANSWER TO A LETTER OF INQUIRY LETTER I. MY DEAR BROTHER: Your sad letter, giving an account of the trouble that has sprung up in your congregation in regard to the use of an organ in its public worship and propounding to me a number of questions on the subject, has ... Read More

Culture and Christianity: Their Relation and Necessity

[An Address Delivered Before Eminence College, June 8, 1877.] There are periods in our history which form the oases in the desert of life. In one of these our spirits are to-day refreshed. Its dark shade and cooling fountain strengthen us for the onward pilgrimage. From its green sward we pluck brig... Read More

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