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The Altar Call: Is It Harmful or Helpful?

Introduction It would be all but impossible to give an accurate description of the modern evangelical church without mention of the invitation system, or the "altar call," as it is called. The altar call is a custom in virtually all Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Wesleyan, Pentecostal, and Charismatic... Read More

A Brief Explanation of "New Covenant Theology"

Introductory Remarks The question of the relation of the Old and New Testaments is a perennial one. For centuries it has been a subject of on-going "in house" debate and discussion. The reason this question has failed to find a definitive and a more universally satisfactory answer lies in the nature... Read More

Jesus & the Sabbath

An Exegetical Study of Mark 2:23-28 Introduction Controversy seems at times to have been all but a way of life for Jesus during the time of his earthly ministry. The Gospel writers record such controversies with some frequency, for on these occasions our Lord spoke very clearly to the various issues... Read More

Lost Was I

Text by Fred G. Zaspel, Copyright 1995* Sing to the tune of "Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise" Lost was I and helpless, damnation deserved, Yet in my proud mind, thought 'twould never be served. No cares for my God, no concerns for my pride, My sin I would keep -- knew no reason to hide! But God, ... Read More

No Condemnation!

Text by Fred G. Zaspel, Copyright, 1995* Sing to the tune of "Morning Has Broken," traditional Gaelic melody No condemnation Now in Christ Jesus! Great consolation -- Jesus has died! Our sin laid on Him, Full pardon gives us. Looking by faith dim, We're justified! With judgment sure, must God recomp... Read More

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