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Atoning Blood

ATONING BLOOD WHAT IT DOES AND WHAT IT DOES NOT DO The taking of life in the service of God and to the advantage of man began immediately after man sinned. It appears that the Creator Himself originated the practice. That the fallen pair might not be always exposed to His indignation as naked, and t... Read More

Balanced Christianity

I Man is conscious of two worlds, an outer and an inner, a public and a private, an objective and a subjective. He is conscious also that these two worlds act and react upon each other; he is influenced by that world around and he in turn influences it. He is further conscious that his own inner and... Read More

Coming Events

An outline of a vast theme must needs omit much detail and cannot admit much discussion. This tends to a definiteness which may seem dogmatic, but this is not intentional. Copious references to Scripture are given in proof, but these must be read, and read in the Revised Version. Though abundant in ... Read More

Divine Guidance

"He led them also by a straight way, that they might go to a city of habitation." Psalm 107. 7. I. THE NEED AND ADVANTAGE. Guidance by God of the affairs of men is a great fact of history and a great theme of the Bible. Man is near-sighted and cannot see into even tomorrow; indeed, he does not alway... Read More

Earlier Years of the Modern Tongues Movement

T o be truly helpful, history must be as full and as accurate as is possible. It was in part to further this end, as regards the history of the Brethren, that I wrote my life of A. N. Groves, and the papers "Inquire of the Former Age" that appeared in the first three issues of The Disciple. To the s... Read More

Epistle to the Hebrews

CHAPTER I GOD HAS SPOKEN (i: i, 2) GOD, having of old time spoken unto the fathers in the prophets by divers portions and in divers manners, hath at the end of these days spoken unto us in his Son (Gk., a Son). THIS late portion of Holy Scripture begins where the first portion begins, with God. Know... Read More

Ideals and Realities

This is a small contribution to a great theme. At the beginning let it be stated distinctly that this paper assumes and asserts that no person once having been accounted righteous before the bar of God, because of the imputation to him upon faith in Christ of the "free gift of righteousness," can re... Read More

Personal Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

THE PERSONAL IN-DWELLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT A Practical Inquiry IN the article "Inquire of the Former Age" in The Disciple for May 1953, pp. i8, i9, it was said: ". . . it is asserted that every believer of this age is a member of the body of Christ, because incorporation into that body is effected ... Read More

The Book of Daniel

FOREWORD - by F.F.Bruce THIS IS EMPHATICALLY A BOOK FOR THE PRESENT DAY. IT would at any time be a pleasure to commend this work of my highly esteemed friend Mr. G. H. Lang, but under present circumstances it is doubly a pleasure to commend a work so calculated to quicken the readers' interest in th... Read More

The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Message of its Five Chief Preachers : A re-examination IN theology, as in any other science, we should avoid or escape from many serious errors were we more carefully to collate and to compare all the relevant facts before forming theories. In these papers we wish to examine the statements of Ho... Read More

The Last Assize

CHAPTER I GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS OVER fifty years ago I preached and published a sermon with the title "The Sinner’s Future." At or about that time I studied the chief attacks upon the doctrine of eternal punishment, some in favour of the annihilation of the wicked, some advocating the ultimate rest... Read More


To my fellow-believers in our Lord Jesus Christ gathered in Church fellowship at Unity Chapel, Bristol. BELOVED FRIENDS, In accordance with the resolution passed at a recent meeting, I have here set forth my views upon the question we have been lately discussing, namely, Whether the Word of God give... Read More

Group of Brands