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(We are) Baptised into Him

Viewed in the light of information supplied in verses 12 and 13, this all seems natural and quite normal. The Church is seen to be nothing less or other than the manifestation on earth of the spiritual counterpart of the body of Jesus of Nazareth. At present it is being indwelt and used by Him in th... Read More

A Burning and a Shining Light

In order to properly understand all this, we must grasp the fact that John was the last of a great line of Old Testament prophets who saw and spoke only in terms of the Kingdom of Heaven — the reign of God on earth — which he said was at hand. Although he prophesied of the Lord Jesus as the Lamb of ... Read More

A Chosen Generation

Reading Peter's first epistle, it becomes very evident that he had a very clear grasp of these things. In chapter 2, verse 9, he plainly states it; he further substantiates it in chapter 1, verse 2. The blood of individual and national redemption was first shed in Egypt where Israel were strangers. ... Read More

A Consuming Fire

One of the great cries that ELIJAH the prophet of God made against Israel was 'they have digged down thine altars'. It was a terrible indictment calling for severest punishment, yet for the sake of the remnant in Israel and by the faith of the prophet, the Lord spared the people. The story of the co... Read More

A Covenant of Blood and the Fire of God

In Canaan the Lord was going to dwell among His people upon the ground of a blood covenant and upon no other. Since the days of Abraham and Isaac at Moriah not a word about sacrificial blood in connection with altars has been mentioned in holy writ, but now Moses sends young men to the altar with of... Read More

A False Assumption

Upon the supposition that the above assumption is true, it is not an uncommon thing to hear people asking if someone has had an Acts 2:4 experience, the implication being that unless the answer is 'Yes', then the experience is not valid. Even if it were true, such a postulation is very confusing to ... Read More

A Foundation of Righteousness

The Spirit of God is clear; before any attempt be made at setting right the function and order of the gifts, the body must first of all be clear about the nature and principles of eternal righteousness. The body of Christ must be right, simply because it is His body; obedience is more precious in Hi... Read More

A Husbandly Covenant

HOSEA, another mighty prophet of similar insight and understanding, says of his people that since altars had been to Israel to sin, then altars should be to them to sin. What a dreadful state of affairs this was. That which had been revealed to them as a means of blessing had irretrievably become a ... Read More

A Kingdom of Priests

It was pure perfection. By God's command throughout Israel's national history the annual Passover was a most individual occasion. On that day instead of the Aaronic family functioning in their substitutional capacity for all Israel, each householder became a priest unto God. Every family took and sl... Read More

A Lamb for a House

When God of old moved Moses from the backside of the desert into Egypt, it was because the time had come for Him to redeem His people. Four hundred years before, though not in so many words, He had promised Abraham He would do so. At that time the fullness of the promise was unknown to men, but with... Read More

A Land not Inhabited

He went to the cross knowing exactly what He must do. It had been talked about, thought through and prayed over again and again. On the Mount of Transfiguration He met Moses and Elijah, His glorified servants, to discuss with them the forthcoming event. He had looked radiantly lovely then, His face ... Read More

A Limited Gospel

The Samaritan believers were in a peculiar state at that time. Their position was not greatly unlike that of many to whom perhaps this same Philip had preached with like results whilst the Lord Jesus was yet on earth. Referring back to that period, we find that much the same kind of things were happ... Read More

A Pearl of Great Price

The tragedy of the Corinthians was that they too were 'walking as men' (3:3). Seeking after wisdom, they almost certainly adored and used the gift, but only for their own carnal ends: 'the Greeks (Hellenists, Gentiles) seek after wisdom' Paul says. But as soon as this attitude is adopted toward any ... Read More

A Permitted Divergence

By this we see how incongruous it was to the apostles that people should believe God's word and be baptised in water, and not at the same time, or during the same period, be baptised in Holy Spirit. We also see that they did not hesitate to set about rectifying the contradictory situation. This they... Read More

A Place Called Calvary

Who could have blamed Mary if she was bitter? She was hurt, very hurt. She saw her son's helplessness, so did John, and neither of them knew what was going on. They followed with the crowd who followed Jesus to the cross, loyal to the last. They could not forsake Him even in His death throes: bravel... Read More

A Prepared Vessel

It is a precious thought that before God opened the door of faith to the whole wide world of men, He selected and started to prepare a man to send through it. Saul's conversion on the Damascus road was accomplished entirely apart from any human agency. In its elements it is an outstanding example of... Read More

A Synchronous Baptism

We have been looking at scripture records of original activities during the early apostolic era, gathering facts and possibilities or probabilities from the five accounts of baptism wherein the Baptism of the Spirit is also referred to in the context. Our discoveries may be summarised in the followi... Read More

According to His Will

According to verse 31, this is in order that all glorying should be in the Lord. Glorying must not be in men (verse 12), nor in whoever it was that baptised us in water (verses 13-17), nor in the wisdom of men (verses 18-25), nor in anything we inherited by reason of, or that was imposed upon us fro... Read More

Adam's Irretrievable Loss

Going back to the book of Genesis, we discover that Adam followed Eve's example and lead. He responded to satan's temptation by partaking of the forbidden fruit, with the result that he sold out the whole of the as yet unborn race to satan. By this act Adam not only proved guilty of unbelief, disobe... Read More

After the Order of Melchisedec

How carefully Jesus distinguished between the Passover and the communion in the upper room that night. Just which of these was the last supper it is hard to decide. Whichever meal it was, it was surely the last one He ate with them on this earth; except for the fish and honey He ate before them in t... Read More

Group of Brands