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His Love in Your Spirit

Most of us have a very poor opinion of ourselves. It is a Christian disease. And you would think God had an even worse opinion of us. He doesn't. Why does He have such a high opinion of us? Everything negative ended on the Cross. It was done, finished. He emerges from the smoke and fire a passionate... Read More

Seize the Banner

Let me tell you a secret, a secret you will learn someday. Once you discover this secret, you'll be tempted, as most of us are, to use it. Here it is: you can use your past as a tool for your own advantage. What do I mean by such a statement? You can use your past to unify the work (your work). All ... Read More


What have you been told is the secret to the Christian life? Pray and read your Bible? Go to church? Witness? Speak in tongues? Tithe? Let me go on record. I do not believe anything on that list even comes close to the issue of how to live the Christian life. All have one inherent flaw. The fatal fl... Read More

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