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4 Changes Coming to the Body of Christ – Wolfgang Simpson

God is changing the Church, and that, in turn, will change the world. Millions of Christians around the world are aware of an imminent reformation of global proportions. They say, in effect: “Church as we know it is preventing Church as God wants it.” A growing number of them are surprisingly hearin... Read More

A Church Of Miracles – brother Kim-Kwong Chan

What are some examples of miracles that take place in the Chinese Church? One typical example: An old Christian woman in one village decided, after her eightieth birthday, to start preaching the gospel. She went to the village where her daughter lived and began to preach there. Some villagers who ha... Read More

A Clear Call To the End Times Remnant Believers To Gather

What does it mean to be an end-times remnant believer? Are all true believers remnant believers? These are important questions to know am I involved in a work of God that is eternal, am I actively building the body of Christ (the kingdom God) by my participation in churches. There is a clear call go... Read More

A Different Perspective on the Freedom of Religion

Question: I like to say that America’s “Freedom of Religion” is often experienced as nothing more than the freedom to be religious. In other words, we can serve empty religion and have no real relationship with God, whereas Christians in nations like China don’t have that luxury. It’s all or nothing... Read More

A God of Miracles in the West? – David Wang

Q. There are some who believe that this ‘power of God’ belongs to another age. Yet we hear many stories of signs and wonders in Asia leading to mass conversions. Is God doing something different in Asia? A. God is creative. He doesn’t have to repeat himself in any way. But I do see that He has a pat... Read More

A Life Of Abiding In Christ – Stanley Frodsham

David, the shepherd lad, received the coveted anointing of God. Under the unction of the Spirit his mouth was continually filled with the praises of the Lord. He learned through the Spirit the value of praise, and so he set apart four thousand men in Israel to give thanksgiving to Him who is worthy ... Read More

A Mark of the Apostolic Church is that it grows and multiplies

We are now 2000 years after the advent of the Church and the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ who obeyed His command to spread the Good News to the world. How this Church spread from then to now 2000 years later to almost every nation and people group in the earth happened through growth and multiplicat... Read More

A Movement Of Radical Evangelism

"A movement of radical evangelism calling for radical discipleship is the only thing that will suffice in the current state of Christendom." - brother Greg Since the days of the first Apostles Christianity has always spread by radical evangelism. Such evangelism is bold, unapologetic and also carrie... Read More

A New Movement?

"God seems in Scripture to work in generations of 40 or 50 years. His purposes must be accomplished on earth and He will raise up individuals and even one person to accomplish that work. And if that individual fails God is patient and raises up a new servant for a new work. We see this example over ... Read More

A Revival Requirement Of The Lord - Humbleness

This powerful article is an excerpt from the Principles book from an article by brother Edgar called: Revival: God's Way Forward. Below is the excerpt from the book: A REVIVAL REQUIREMENT OF THE LORD: “HUMBLENESS” Do we comply with God’s requirements for humbleness? “Because your heart was tender, a... Read More

A word to God’s remnant - The spirit of Gideon (excerpts)

Dear Saints, this is a powerful word written by brother Frank Mceleny. There are many articles on his website that he was written to share with the body of Christ world-wide. Excerpts from his message on the "Spirit of Gideon": “Oh my Lord, if the Lord is with us, then why has all this happened to u... Read More

About Gospel Fellowships

Since 2012, a growing group of believers in North America started to warn of coming persecution to western countries. This message was shared in a variety of ways. One of the responses to this was to compile a book taking principles from underground Churches around the world of how they thrived unde... Read More

Afghanistan: The Gospel’s Final Frontier – brother Paul

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (Luke 10:2). For many years we read the above verse and prayed for God to send more workers into the harvest fields of the world. More recently, we have come to und... Read More

Amidst all the Bible Reading and Preaching where is Jesus?

There is a busyness in Western christendom where all are promoting the Bible: Bible reading, Bible truths, Bible preaching, Bible memorization. Yet in the midst of all of this good desire of more conservative godly believers to elevate the Scriptures they have run into the error of forgetting about ... Read More

An Underground Church in America?

“Christian churches in America will soon be forced to go underground if they want to stay true to their beliefs and to God.” – J. D. Longstreet To think there could be an underground Church in America years ago seemed strange. But with current happenings, those who have been warning and speaking of ... Read More

Being Led Of The Spirit Just Like The Underground Church In North Korea

There is a great need for believers in the West to learn to be led of the Spirit truly and trust in God for the impossible as we desire to be His body and grow in His kingdom work. The kingdom of God works not like the kingdom of men. The Church is not to operate like the world or the world's busine... Read More

Being Part of a growing movement of House Churches

It is all true believers heart to simply be involved in God's work, where He is powerfully working to extend His Church and spread the Good News of the Gospel. The early Church began as a network of godly home churches preaching the Good News of Christ and living godly life's in light of the soon co... Read More

Bible Verses on Topic of Christian Persecution

Reason for Persecution: The Cross separates us from the world John 15:18-21 “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hate... Read More

Challenging Notes From Underground Church workers interview

These are short notes and quotes from interviews of Chinese underground Church workers in various parts of China: “…also believed they must sacrifice their families (husband and children) in order to work for the “kingdom family of God” – sister Liu twelve churches of her own, and she helped to plan... Read More

Chinese Believers Hearing The Voice of the Good Shepherd

(Question) How dependant would you say the Chinese believers are on the Holy Spirit? (brother Paul) The Chinese believe all of God’s children must hear and obey the voice of the Good Shepherd. It is a daily thing, where they grow in relationship with the Lord and He speaks to them through His Word a... Read More

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