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H. Elvet Lewis

Part 1. Many Sowers, One Seed

Chapter 1 He Has Shed Forth This As the autumn of 1904 in Wales recedes farther and becomes more and more a memory, it grows more profoundly mysterious. At the time, to get hold of a date, to visit a place, to contemplate a personality, seemed explanation enough of all that was going on. We know bet... Read More
H. Elvet Lewis

Part 2. The Heart Of The Harvest

Chapter 1 The Banks of the Loughor Loughor - although a Roman station, and trailing still among its mines and tin-works some remainders of an ancient glory, was probably unknown beyond a few miles until it acquired unhappy fame through the railway accident in September, 1904. But already other fame ... Read More
H. Elvet Lewis


This volume is not meant to be a history of the Welsh Revival; it provides a series of personal impressions and incidents, and is devotional in its aim and compass. Where it skirts the edge of controversy, an attempt has been made to be judiciously fair, and to furnish data for general conclusions, ... Read More

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