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A Great Change

Great and wonderful is the change which takes place in the believer in Christ, in his moral being, in his spirit, mind, and affections, when his thoughts are elevated in the power of the Spirit to view the truth of God from the divine side, from the heavenly standpoint; no longer to view it only fro... Read More

A Song of the Son of Man

SONG of my praise, O Son of Man, Our minstrel strains shall swell With ringing notes to tell Thy ways, For Thou dost all things well: For Thou dost all things well, we sing With flowing melody, And voice Thy praise in joyful lays— Redeemed by grace are we! LIGHT of my life, O Son of Man, Upon the st... Read More

A Stone, Elect, Precious

In a day that is coming, we are told, “Fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is. If any man’s work abide which he has built thereupon (on Jesus Christ, the only Foundation) he shall receive a reward” (1 Cor. 3:13). It is said, the day shall declare it (when the work is manifested), because... Read More

A Victory for the Truth

“Now in the eighteenth year of King Jeroboam began Abijah to reign over Judah . . . And there was war between Abijah and Jeroboam . . . And Abijah said, Hear me than Jeroboam and all Israel . . . Ye think to withstand the kingdom of the Lord in the hand of the sons of David; and ye be a great multit... Read More

Administration and Reconciliation

Administration and reconciliation differ in their activities and are distinct in the results they attain, but their importance is great and evident if we judge by the large place that the Holy Spirit gives to them in the inspired writings. Both are necessary for the fulfilment of eternally blessed c... Read More

Answered Questions

The Lord Jesus asked a question of the Jews that remains unanswered by them to this day, What think ye of Christ, whose son is He? was the first challenging question. They replied, “The Son of David.” Then came the question that they refused to answer then, and have not answered since: “IF DAVID THE... Read More

Are Believers to Seek “More Light”?

Not so: they are in the light, and are sons of light; their eyes have been opened, and they have turned from darkness to light; what they need now is rather to grow in the apprehension of the truth. Light is usually spoken of world-wards, i.e. towards those in darkness. Thus in John’s Gospel it is s... Read More

Are You Really Free?

There are many, thank God, who truly rejoice in being righteously made free from the burden of their sins: in being justified freely by God’s grace, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. They know that His atoning work is so perfect, that God can say concerning those who believe on Him, “T... Read More

As He That Serves

Luke 22:27 Our Lord Jesus Christ has served in putting away sin. In wondrous love He has by His sacrifice righteously and eternally removed our sins. And, as the Son of the Father’s love, He gives His own true freedom in God’s things. By Him and for Him all things were created (Col. 1:16). Among oth... Read More

Assembling Together

“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25). A seasonable exhortation! And while it becomes “the custom” of some to ignore it, it is increasingly to mark true believers ... Read More

“A Great High Priest Over the House of God”

These wonderful words are given by the Spirit for our encouragement. The value of His work and the grace of the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ are made known to us, so that we may boldly draw nigh to God by them “having boldness by the blood of Jesus,” and “having a great Priest over the house of G... Read More

“A Letter as to the Truth and Those who Hold It” (3 John)

“It was helpful and encouraging, beloved in the Lord, to have the third letter of John set before us in the May number of Scripture Truth.” There are many beloved brethren who desire to walk in truth like the much esteemed Gaius. They have been instructed in the truth in their measure as he was; the... Read More

“A Place For You”

The above words were used twice (see John 14), by our Lord Jesus Christ. He said, “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.” A certain teacher of religion, used to tell a lot of black girls and boys, they would ha... Read More

“Christ Jesus, Our Hope”

When you pray, dear brethren, about a meeting, and in the presence of God, are led to read and consider the very two Scriptures that have already been read in your hearing, and unknown to yourself, the other servant labouring with you has also been led to the same Scriptures, would you then allow yo... Read More

’Twas For Me My Saviour Suffered

’Twas for me my Saviour suffered On the cross of Calvary, ’Twas for me Himself He offered, To procure my liberty. Oh! His love for me . . . Oh! His love for me . . . ’Twas for me my Saviour suffered, Oh! His love for me. None but Christ could meet the sentence God has passed against my sins; Deep th... Read More

Bless the Lord! or Lest we forget

“And it shall be, when the Lord thy God shall have brought thee into the land which He sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give thee great and goodly cities, which thou buildedst not, and houses full of all good things which thou fillest not, and wells digged, which thou d... Read More

Called Out and Called Into

“THE GOD OF GLORY” called ABRAHAM out of his country, and from his kindred, into the land of promise (see Acts 7:2-3); he was called out of one place and called into another, and he became the friend of God. The calling out cost him much exercise of soul and conflict, but that is not worthy to be co... Read More


The usual indiscriminate condemnation of change is a great mistake. Truly, some change for the worse; but there is change of the right and necessary sort, which is a mark of the true believer. From the cold dark winter, the weather changes to the bright, fresh spring and warm summer: from the decayi... Read More

Christ and His Brethren

1. His grace for them now The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is wonderful. Those who know it have reason to rejoice for “He is not ashamed to can them brethren” (Heb. 2:11), yet they should not presume upon such inimitable favour on His part, or overlook the honour which is due to Him; for, though H... Read More

Christ and Oneness

Let us consider the way that the Lord takes to gather His well-loved flock, His favoured family, these sheep of God’s pasture, the children of God. First His death was necessary, for only so could He “gather together in one the children of God who were scattered abroad” (John 11:52). He died to brin... Read More

Group of Brands