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On Corporate and Personal Revival

Henry C. Fish was a Baptist preacher in New York and a prolific writer from the mid 1800's. Unless you like obscure books, he is totally unknown today. This extract is from his book entitled "Primitive Piety Revived, or The Aggressive Power Of The Christian Church." And is there an imperative necess... Read More

Handbook of Revivals: Chapter 1 - What Is A Revival?

FOR THE USE OF SOUL-WINNERS by Henry C. Fish MUCH of existing indifference and opposition to revivals comes from a confusion of terms. There attaches to the word revival what does not belong to it. Exception is not so much taken to that which is inherent and essential, as to that which is accidental... Read More

Handbook of Revivals: Chapter 2 - A Nation Founded by Faith

THE history of revivals is the history of religion. If we consult the Bible we shall find awakenings from the earliest times. Thus, in the days of Samuel, when the people had clone evil a long time, serving Baalim, it is said, "Israel lamented after the Lord, and Samuel said, "If ye do return unto t... Read More

Handbook of Revivals: Chapter 3 - A Nation Founded by Faith

No one can study the history of revivals and not be impressed with their mighty influence upon the destiny of the race. Not to speak of those of primitive times, what would have been the condition, of the world today but for the great Reformation, the spirit of which, as we have seen, was but a seri... Read More

Handbook of Revivals: Chapter 4 - A Nation Founded by Faith

ARE revivals a part of God's plan? Are they ordained as one of the methods of the world's conversion? Do they enter into the economy of redemption? For several reasons we believe this to be the case. And first of all, because from the beginning God has wrought prominently through revivals. As we hav... Read More

Handbook of Revivals: Chapter 5 - A Nation Founded by Faith

OBJECTIONS to revivals are no new thing, even from the friends of godliness. The primitive awakenings encountered them; and President Edwards complained of those in his day ready to say, "There is but little sober, solid religion in this work; it is little else but flash and noise." And he asks, " I... Read More

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