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A Life for A Life and Other Addresses

A TRIBUTE IT sometimes happens that a man, in giving to the world the truths that have most influenced his life, unconsciously writes the truest kind of a character sketch. This was so in the case of Henry Drummond, and no words of mine can better describe his life or character than those in which h... Read More

A Sign of What's Inside

"For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God" (James 1:20). Only temper," they call it: a little hot-headedness, a momentary ruffling of the surface, a mere passing cloud. But here the passing cloud is composed of drops, and the drops betoken an ocean, foul and rancorous, seething some... Read More

Ascent of Man

PREFACE “THE more I think of it,” says Mr. Ruskin, “I find this conclusion more impressed upon me—that the greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see something, and tell what it saw in a plain way.” In these pages an attempt is made to tell “in a plain way” a few of the things whi... Read More

Baxter's Second Innings

BAXTER’S SECOND INNINGS Preface I THINK the best thing I can do, if I must make a Preface, is to print this letter from Baxter’s small brother to another boy: Dear Charlie, Would you believe it? some fellow’s written a Book about Fred! I think he’s in an awful wax. N.B. The Book’s a swindle. Except ... Read More

Natural Law in the Spiritual World

EXTRACTS FROM PRESS NOTICES OF PREVIOUS EDITIONS. "We have no hesitation in saying that this is one of the most able and interesting books on the relations which exist between natural science and spiritual life that has appeared. Mr. Drummond writes perfect English - his ideas are fresh, and express... Read More

New Evangelism and other Papers

IT is no small heroism in these times to deal with anything new. But this is a theological society; and I do not need to ask the protection of that name while I move for a little among lines of thought which may seem to verge on danger. One does not need to apologize for any inquiry made in a format... Read More

The Greatest Thing in the World And Other Addresses

THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD THOUGH I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I am become as a sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove... Read More

The Ideal Life

THE IDEAL LIFE The Ideal Life and other Unpublished Addresses by HENRY DRUMMOND F.R.S.E. with Memorial Sketches by W. Robertson Nicoll and Ian Maclaren LONDON: HODDER AND STOUGHTON 27 PATERNOSTER ROW 1897 INTRODUCTORY NOTE The addresses which make up this volume were written by Professor Drummond be... Read More

A Memorial Sketch by John Watson (Ian MacLaren)

Henry Drummond HE had been in many places over the world and seen strange sights, and taken his share in various works, and, being the man he was, it came to pass of necessity that he had many friends. Some of them were street arabs, some were negroes, some were medicals, some were evangelists, some... Read More

A Memorial Sketch by W. Robertson Nicoll

Henry Drummond PROFESSOR DRUMMOND'S influence on his contemporaries is not to be measured by the sale of his books, great as that has been. It may be doubted whether any living novelist has had so many readers, and perhaps no living writer has been so eagerly followed and so keenly discussed on the ... Read More

A Tribute by D. L. Moody

IT sometimes happens that a man, in giving to the world the truths that have most influenced his life, unconsciously writes the truest kind of a character sketch. This was so in the case of Henry Drummond, and no words of mine can better describe his life or character than those in which he has pres... Read More

A Life for a Life

THE report to the Italian government describing a great shipwreck said, "A large ship was seen coming close to shore last night; we endeavored to give every assistance through the speaking trumpet, nevertheless four hundred and one bodies were washed ashore this morning." That shows the futility of ... Read More

An Address to the Man who is Down

To-night I want to talk to the man who is down, to the man who has his back to the wall, and who is being embattled by his own temptations. It is, perhaps, not an academic subject, but it is the greatest of all subjects on which one can speak to young men. There are men here who are lost in the abys... Read More

An Appeal to the Outsider; Or, The Claims of Christianity

I am asked to talk specially to what we call in Scotland "the outsider" --the man who has not seen his way to throw in his lot with Christian men. We have made a specialty of the outsider in our university work in the old country. We have laid all our plans to interest him. He is generally the best ... Read More

Dealing with Doubt

There is a subject which I think workers amongst young men cannot afford to keep out of sight--I mean the subject of "Doubt." We are forced to face that subject. We have no choice. I would rather let it alone; but every day of my life I meet men who doubt, and I am quite sure that most Christian wor... Read More

First! An Address to Boys

I have three heads to give you. The first is "Geography," the second is "Arithmetic," and the third is "Grammar." I. First. Geography tells us where to find places. Where is the Kingdom of God? It is said that when a Prussian officer was killed in the Franco-Prussian war, a map of France was very of... Read More

Lessons from the Angelus

God often speaks to men's souls through music; He also speaks to us through art. Millet's famous painting entitled "The Angelus" is an illuminated text, upon which I am going to say a few words to you to-night. There are three things in this picture--a potato field, a country lad and a country girl ... Read More

Life on the Top Floor

You have had a great time on the mountains, but remember the mountain is not a place to live on. The Mount of Transfiguration is an episode, coming to a man from time to time; but it is not in the ordinary course of nature that a man should always live on the top of the mountain. The mountain is of ... Read More

Love: The Greatest Thing In The World

Every one has asked himself the great question of antiquity as of the modern world: What is the summum bonum--the supreme good? You have life before you. Once only you can live it. What is the noblest object of desire, the supreme gift to covet? We have been accustomed to be told that the greatest t... Read More

One Way to Help Boys

I am very much pleased to find the Boys' Brigade receiving University recognition. I am not aware that it has had this honor before in its history. The idea of the Brigade is this. It is a new movement for turning out boys, instead of savages. The average boy, as you know, is a pure animal. He is no... Read More

Group of Brands