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Henry H. Halley

Henry H. Halley

Henry H. Halley (1874 - 1965)

H.H. Halley was born in Kentucky in 1874. He was graduated from Transylvania University and the College of the Bible in 1895. In 1896 he taught in the preparatory department at Transylvania University. In 1897 he taught at Women's Missionary College in Hazel Green, KY. He was ordained to preach among the Disciples of Christ in 1898. The following year he moved to Michigan and began his preaching career.

The most noted contribution he made to society was the development of Halley's Bible Handbook. The story behind its production deserves telling. Sitting at the feet of J.W. McGarvey in the College of the Bible, Halley learned early on in his education to appreciate the study and understanding of the Bible. He made it his duty to commit the scriptures to memory. Hours and hours were set aside to learn the Word that it might be rehearsed at a moment's notice. Some have suggested that at any one time Henry H. Halley could quote in excess of no less than 25 continuous hours worth of Scripture without looking at a reference.

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Henry H. Halley

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