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Appendix 3 to Vitae Patrum Sayings of the Egyptian Fathers

By an unknown Greek author Translated into Latin by Bishop Martin Dumiensis, 6th century 1. Abba John said to his disciples: "The Fathers ate only bread and salt, and thus became strong in the work of God while inhibiting themselves. Let us also therefore restrict ourselves to bread and salt, for it... Read More

De Vitis Patrum Book V

De Vitis Patrum Book V By an Unknown Greek Author, translated into Latin by Pelagius the Deacon Libellus 1: Rules of the Fathers V.i.1. When abba Antony was asked, "What rule should I keep in order to please God?" the old man replied, "Follow this rule which I give you. Wherever you go, keep God con... Read More

De Vitis Patrum, Book II

Life No 1 The Life of St Paul, the first hermit, [Celebrated in the Roman Martyrology on Jan 15] by Jerome, presbyter & divine [c.341 - 420. Biblical scholar and Doctor of the Church] Prologue There is a controversy among many people about who was the first person to take to living in the desert as ... Read More

De Vitis Patrum, Book II

De Vitis Patrum, Book II By Rufinus of Aquileia Prologue Blessed be God who wills all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. It is he who has guided our steps to Egypt, and showed us great wonders, to be recorded for the benefit of posterity. In this history will be found salutary exa... Read More

De Vitis Patrum, Book III

De Vitis Patrum, Book III by Rufinus of Aquileia, Presbyter Prologue Who can doubt but that the world is sustained by the merits of the Saints, that is, those whose lives shine out from this book, who spurned every mark of luxury with their whole mind, who left the world and penetrated the secret wa... Read More

De Vitis Patrum, Book IV

De Vitis Patrum, Book IV By Severus Sulpitius and John Cassian Excerpts from Dialogue 1 of Severus Sulpitius and from the Institutes and Conferences of John Cassian Prologue (Sev.Sulp., Dial.1, chap.1) Since I returned from overseas, my brothers, you have often begged me to give an account of my jou... Read More

De Vitis Patrum, Book IX

De Vitis Patrum, Book IX By Theodoretus, bishop of Cyrus Translated into Latin by Gentianus Hervetus Prologue It is a beautiful thing indeed to read about the battles of those exemplary men who famously strove to acquire virtues. Such feasts for the eyes are of great benefit to us, for to understand... Read More

De Vitis Patrum, Book VI

Libellus 1, Second Sight (Praevidentia) or Contemplation (Old men who did signs near bottom of this page) VI.i.1. Once when Zacharias visited his abbot Silvanus he found him in a trance with his hands stretched out towards heaven. Seeing him like this he went out, shutting the door behind him. At th... Read More

De Vitis Patrum, Book VIII

Prologue of Palladius, Bishop of Helenopoleos In the Eighth Book of the Vitae Patrum Known as the Lausiac History This book consists of a description and explanation of how the blessed and holy fathers grew in spiritual strength in the course of their wonderful lives in solitude, to provide a model ... Read More

De Vitis Patrum, Book X

Introduction to Book Ten, the 'Spiritual Meadow' by Benedict Baker In the Spiritual Meadow, we come to writings with a very different atmosphere from those of the earlier Fathers of the 3rd and 4th Centuries. John Moschus' dates are c.550-619, and by the time he was writing the church had been throu... Read More

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