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Hetty Bowman

Life — Its Duties And Discipline

Life — its Duties and Discipline Hetty Bowman, 1861 It is with feelings of very deep gratitude for the success already granted, that a Third Edition of 'Life, its Duties and Discipline,' is now offered to the Christian Public. The writer owes them sincere thanks for the favor with which they have re... Read More
Hetty Bowman

Separation From The World

Separation from the World! Hetty Bowman, 1861 "Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him!" 1 John 2:15 Such is the injunction of a holy Apostle, one who was largely baptized with his Master's spirit of love, and had nothing in com... Read More
Hetty Bowman

The Sensitive Plant

The Sensitive Plant! Hetty Bowman, 1861 "The tenderest heart Your hands have made, Beneath Your rule may rest; For He who made it for Himself, Knows what will shield it best. The feeblest lover of Your word, Dwells safely in Your breast!" A.L. Waring When, in dewy morning or quiet even-tide, we wand... Read More
Hetty Bowman

Thoughts On The Christian Life

Thoughts on the Christian Life; or, Leaves from Letters Hetty Bowman, 1872 INTRODUCTORY NOTE Under the touching circumstances of the early and lamented death of her who wrote this volume, I cannot refuse a request made to me, that I should write a few prefatory lines. The name of "Hetty Bowman" is n... Read More
Hetty Bowman

A Word For Invalids

A Word for Invalids Hetty Bowman, 1867 "I am poor and needy; yet the Lord thinks upon me." Psalm 40:17 "I am poor and needy." Just the right words for you, are they not, dear friend? You cannot take in much, for you often feel as if your mind had lost its power of grasp; but this sense of utter want... Read More

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