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Hope for Zion

“Ye see the distress that we are in, how Jerusalem lieth waste, and the gates thereof are burned with fire: come, and let us build up the wall of Jerusalem, that we be no more a reproach” (Neh. 2:17, KJV). In the year 586 B.C., Jerusalem had been laid in ruins by Nebuchadnezzar--her people exiled, h... Read More

Biographical Sketch

Iain Hamish Murray was born (of Scottish parents) in Lancashire, England, April 19, 1931, and educated at King William's College, Isle of Man, and the University of Durham. Prior to university he held a commission in the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) who were then engaged in the suppression of an in... Read More

The Puritans and Revival Christianity

Following as it did so closely upon the Reformation it is not surprising that the Puritan movement in England believed so firmly in revivals of religion as the great means by which the Church advances in the world. For the Reformation was itself the greatest revival since Pentecost -- a spring-time ... Read More

Group of Brands