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Auricular Confession

No portion of the Papal system presents more originality than the Confessional. The glory and the infamy of this institution is all its own. The idea never entered into the heads of the men of the ancient world. The patriarchs of mankind knew nothing of it, and the wisest seer of those days never co... Read More

Catholic Unity

WE hear much in these times of Catholic Unity, which has in it a good deal to captivate and charm minds of a certain order, as appears from the recent productions of the English Tractarians. There is nevertheless, perhaps, no subject on which there has been more language used with less truth. The un... Read More

Christ’s Ministry: His Two Hard Hitting Church Protests

The great first miracle of our Lord has just taken place. Following it we read: John 2:12 ‘After this he went down to Capernaum, he, and his mother, and his brethren, and his disciples: and they continued there not many days.’ Capernaum was a place of blessing but also a place of judgment: Matthew 1... Read More

Clerical Celibacy

THERE is a peculiarity about the subject of Celibacy. The chief complaint against the other dogmas of Catholicism is, that they have no support in the Sacred Scriptures, properly interpreted. Several of them, indeed, have not even the shadow of it; while the rest are founded on the most obvious and ... Read More

Communion In One Kind

THERE is no error of the Church of Rome more easy of detection, or less defensible than that which withholds the cup from the people; language cannot make it more certain than that the Lord Jesus Christ gave both the bread and the wine to his disciples, and that they in their turn, did the same to t... Read More

Consider Him

The picture here is the Christian engaged in the great race. He is on the stretch, and he is stretched. Every iota of strength, stamina, and strain are combined into the effort he is making. Many dangers and obstacles block his pathway. He could turn back and, alas! forsake his holy calling, and joi... Read More

Cult of Mary - Part One

Rome is not the Church of Jesus Christ let alone the true Church, but rather the synagogue of Mary, a cult of papal invention. In the true Church of Jesus Christ our Lord Jesus Christ has all the preeminence. In the Church of Rome Mary, by order of the Roman Antichrists, has all the preeminence. God... Read More

Cult of Mary - Part Two

Part One’s dialogue between Mr. Twilight and Mr. Daylight’s dialogue covered the whole sweep of Mariolatry but some matters must be surveyed and studied in reference to the Mary’s usurpation of the Father and the Son. Rome’s Idolatrous title for her idol Mary the ‘Mother of God’ The doctrine of ‘Mar... Read More

Discerning The Signs Of The Times - Part One

TIME, what is it? The divide between two eternities, shutting the door of the old eternity and hastening to open the door of the new eternity. Colton was right when he spoke of THE PLUNDERER TIME:- TIME is the most subtle, yet the most insatiable of plunderers and by appearing to take nothing, is pe... Read More

Discerning The Signs Of The Times - Part Two

As we meet here today the Intergovernmental Conference on the new European Union and how it is going to be governed is in session in the City of Rome. Even all the European wars did not attempt to wipe out the Reformation in the way which this scheme has set out to do. The proposals for a new Europe... Read More

Duties Of Protestants

IN dealing with an adversary, a point of the first importance, is, to ascertain his strength, and to understand the principles of his policy. This is particularly so in the case of Rome. There is nothing in which her boasted unity is so strikingly manifested; whether in Europe, or America, in China,... Read More

Extreme Unction

EXTREME UNCTION is one of the sacraments of Rome, and as such, is held to "confer grace on the receiver;" it is therefore placed on the same level with the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, Baptism, and Confirmation. Such is its position in the standards of Papal doctrine. The Council of Trent has pro... Read More

Holy Orders

HOLY ORDERS is an expression altogether unknown to the Sacred Scriptures, and the thing it represents would have been not less a novelty to the Apostles themselves and their disciples. Popery has assigned to it a very significant import, and clothed it with the honour of a sacrament; consequently cl... Read More

Hugh Latimer

Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester, one of the first reformers of the Church of England, and the most popular preacher of his age, was born at Thurcaston in Leicestershire, about 1490. He was educated at Cambridge, where he came under the influence of Bilney, and embraced the reformed faith when abou... Read More

Image Worship

MAN must have religion of some sort; should he cease to worship the God who made him, he will worship the god whom he himself made-an idol graven or molten-or it may be a stock, a stone, a creeping thing, the sun, the moon, the stars, or even the devil! Men, by degrees, lost the knowledge of God a r... Read More


The subject of Indulgences is one which occupies a conspicuous place in European history, from the relation in which it stands to the Reformation. That the doctrine may be rightly understood, it must be examined through the medium of Luther's life and labours. In this way, and in no other, can the r... Read More

John Jewell

John Jewell, Bishop of Salisbury, was born in 1522, at the village of Buden, near Ilfracombe, Devonshire. He studied at Oxford, and in 1546 openly professed the tenets of the Reformers. Having obtained the living of Sunningwell, Berks, he distinguished himself by his zeal and assiduity as a parish p... Read More


The ground of a sinner's justification before God, is the most important subject within the whole circle of human inquiry, and none ever more beautifully and strikingly expresses it than the Prophet, in the following words: "Wherewith shall I come before the Lord, and bow myself before the High God?... Read More

King Solomon’s Startling View of the Church of Rome

Five duties on our response to the Word of God are set out in these verses of Proverbs chapter 2. One: RECEIVE "Receive my words" verse one. King Solomon’s Look At The Church Of Rome Receive the instruction, the information, the wisdom, the truth, divinely originated and divinely revealed. We must o... Read More

Let Luther speak for himself

"I am born to be a rough controversialist," says Luther. "I clear the ground, pull up the weeds, fill up ditches, and smooth the roads; but to build, to plant, to sow, to water, to adorn the country, belongs to Melanchthon." "My style, rude and skilful, vomits up a deluge, a chaos of words, boistero... Read More

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