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Another Christmas Gone

The frost white hill still glistens, Beneath the moonlit skies, As on the night of Christmas, Untrod it sleeping lies. A newborn year is waiting, To meet the early dawn; And whisper this to all the world, Another Christmas gone. The holly berry changes, It's coat of emerald red; And wreaths we twin'... Read More

Are All Believers Overcomers?

"To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in My Throne."--Rev. 3:21. In this promise our Lord is referring, of course, to His Messianic throne and His millennial reign. When He comes again, in power and glory, then will He lift His resistless rod over the nations, and unfurl the banner of ... Read More

Our Bible: The Most Critical Issue

Christianity is based on a book. It centres in a Person. It expresses itself in a message. It authenticates itself in an experience. That basic book is the Bible. That central Person is Jesus. That expressive message is the Gospel. That authenticating experience is the new birth. Think here about th... Read More

Sanctification and Heredity

IN OUR reflections on sanctification according to orthodox Calvinism we encountered what I can only call the deadly dogma that the very guilt of Adam is imputed to all his posterity, the fearful concomitant of which is, that thousands of millions have been divinely predestined to a never-ending damn... Read More

The Lamb of God - The Vital Focus-Point

"Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" -John 1: 29. IF ever-Christian believers needed to echo and re-echo these words of John the Baptist, they do today. We are not fond of flinging aspersions; yet we cannot help openly lamenting that many so-called Christian pulpits and chur... Read More

The Wonder of Wonders

"He gave His only-begotten Son."-- Jn. 3: 16. That word "gave" has in it the force of "gave up". As an old commentator says. "God not only gave His Son to the world, but for it". That meant the birth in the cattle-shed at Bethlehem, the struggle with poverty at Nazareth, the carpenter's bench, the b... Read More

True Consecration to Christ

True consecration to Christ simplifies life, for it leaves the management to HIM. It also unifies life, for it blends all our motives and activities in on all-controlling aim to please HIM. It purifies life, for it expels all that is disapproved by HIM. It amplifies life, for it gives the divine wil... Read More

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