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At School And In The Mine.

His was an uneventful life. School and play, play and school; that was his daily programme. “Have you been ‘mitching’ from school to-day, Evan?‘‘ said his mother one day, when the boy returned home earlier than usual. “Oh, no,’’ he replied quietly; ‘‘ I have nowhere else to go but to school.” He was... Read More

Early Efforts For Others

In order to provide for the spiritual wants of the miners’ children, a Sunday-school was opened in the colliery offices, and Evan became the secretary of what was called “the ragged school,’’ owing to the children who attended it being for the most part ill-clad and poor. This office he held for som... Read More

Early Preaching Efforts.

But to preach was always somewhat of an ordeal, He was passionately fond of it, but the mental anxiety and soul-worry must surely have told upon him. “Because he was never over-strong,” Mrs. Roberts informed me. “After preaching he would come home very tired, and sometimes done up. His chest used to... Read More

He Leaves The Mine

Even Roberts was what is called in Wales a “union” man, and a strike of unionists in the colliery wherein he worked threw him out of employment. Nor was he altogether sorry. He had grown tired of the wearisome work in the mine, and now thought hard about his future, for he was always ambitious. He w... Read More

Long Nights Of Prayer

“I could sit up all night to read or talk about revivals,” He says. “It was the Spirit that thus moved me.’’ Even while studying, his mind would oftentimes be elsewhere than on the subject under consideration. He could see the raging angry billows whereon myriads of souls were being tossed, and he l... Read More

Pleading For The Fire.

In great anguish of soul, he left the service and spent the night in great mental distress. The chief joy of his life seemed to be vanishing, notwithstanding his sincere attempts at its retention. Something was wrong. On the following day he was on his way to a village handy—Blaenannerch—and called ... Read More

The Revivalist’s College Days.

The first few months of Roberts’s college days were uneventful, and his fellow-students, who were passionately fond of the future revivalist, could detect nothing very extraordinary about the young man. He never outshone his fellows, was never a recluse or bore, and entered into college life with cu... Read More

Group of Brands