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Church in Laodicea

Revelation 3: 14-22 It must strike every careful reader that the Laodiceans are addressed as if they did not know the gospel. They are very boastful of their great acquisitions. "Thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods and have need of nothing"; but when they come to be inspected, they are ... Read More


CONSISTENCY is being true to a given standard. Now the constant taunt is that there is more consistency when a lower position is assumed than when a higher one is insisted on. The pretensions are of course in keeping with the position. It is said, for instance, and with some show of justice, that th... Read More

Death Works In Us

GENESIS 22:1-14 IT has been remarked before that the life of Abraham is properly divided into three parts. The first is the land; the second, the heir; and here we come to the last, which is the greatest; and, though consecutive historically, they are nearly parallel typically. It is not simply the ... Read More

Discipline in the School of God - Part 1

No subject can be more deeply interesting to the saint than the nature and effect of that discipline which our God, in the plenitude of His love and wisdom, administers to His people. Interesting as the subject is, and one so necessary to the secret exercises of the soul, yet it is little understood... Read More

Discipline in the School of God - Part 2

At first Moses' service to these Midianitish women meets no requital, even as Joseph's to the chief butler; but it must not remain so. Reuel, their father, sends for him, in virtue of his service to his daughters, provides a home for him, and gives him his daughter Zipporah to wife; and we read, " S... Read More

Discipline in the School of God - Part 3

ELIJAH The place which Elijah occupied in God's dealings with His people lends a peculiar interest to his character and history. The nature of the services required of him during that remarkable time necessarily developed the quality of the grace that was in him, and at the same time subjected him t... Read More

Heavenly Ground

The great failure of the church was giving up Paul. "All... in Asia" did not give up evangelical truth but they gave up Paul; anything popular you may have, but not Paul. Why? Because he is heavenly. Colossians 2:20 is "over Jordan." In Romans (6:1-11), [you are] "dead to sin "- dead with Christ - o... Read More

Laodicean State

The last phase of the assembly as the vessel of testimony for God on earth is the Laodicean; hence what that state is, and how produced, must be of great interest to us. The four latter assemblies run down to the coming of the Lord. Philadelphia is the assembly in light and power before the end. Lao... Read More

Last Great Revival

Everything of earth consigned to man, from the garden of Eden to the assembly, has failed. However brilliant and effective its beginning, it soon became tarnished; the bright gold became dim, until at length there was a little or no trace of the original order of things. Yet in every instance there ... Read More

Leaven of Laodicea

It is worthy of note that Peter, the one to whom was revealed the rock on which Christ builds His church, and who is there confirmed in the name Peter, as himself material [Gk. petros] for this new and unique structure, that he, at that very time, as recorded in the same Scripture (Matthew 16: 16-24... Read More

Marriage in the Lord

Letter by J. B. Stoney Shall I give you my idea of true married life in the Lord? It surpasses everything human in grace, as it did in nature before the fall. The trials are peculiar, but they are the trials of humanity; but then the married have this advantage, if they really reciprocate their feel... Read More

On Rule

HEBREWS 13:17 I FEEL impressed to bring before you, beloved brethren, the subject of rule, in the hope that a few words upon it may enable us to distinguish between clericalism and radicalism. Clericalism is the assumption of rule in a teacher. The teacher is not necessarily a ruler, though the rule... Read More

Reception Unsectarian

My statement was, that if a godly clergyman presented himself for communion I should receive him, and though he returned to system, yet I should receive him again as I had received him before, not as if he were in fellowship, but as one desiring to break bread; but I added, he is now subject to disc... Read More

Take Heed How You Hear

Man was in darkness as to the mind of God until He was pleased to reveal it. Hence His word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our paths. He tells us His mind in His word, which otherwise we could never have known by research or thought of our own. His revelation is therefore light; "The entrance ... Read More

The Presence of the Lord with His People, and its Effect

The Lord has said, "Behold, I am with you all the days, until the completion of the age", Matthew 28:20. It becomes us to ascertain from Scripture the way in which He declares this. In the broken-up state of the church, and the varied divisions, there is little or no demonstration of His being with ... Read More

Truth Revived in Late Years

The doctrine of the justification by faith was revived to the church in Luther's day, and in late years two great truths have also been revived; one, that the Holy Spirit dwells on earth; the other, that the saints are the body of Christ here, baptised by one Spirit into one body, of which He is the... Read More

What is a Laodicean?

Revelation 3: 14-22 It is very important for us to understand what is the state of things in the church; and when I say "church" I mean the whole house of God, not the real thing, the body of Christ, but that which will be spued out of the Lord's mouth when He comes. It is very important for us who ... Read More

What is a Philadelphian?

The apostle John sees the assembly on earth in seven phases, all existing at the time; but also each phase in succession becoming the characteristic one for the time; the four last remaining till the coming of the Lord, Philadelphia is one of these; as Thyatira sets forth Romanism, and Sardis the re... Read More

Approach to God

"HAVING therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh; And having an high priest over the house of God; Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of fait... Read More

Christ Formed in You

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. - Galatians 2:20. THE subject I desire to bring before you this evening is CHRIST FORMED IN YO... Read More

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