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Origin of the Restoration Movement

Luna Park, Saturday Morning, October 16. The chief significance of this celebration, which is destined to became historic and monumental, is its relation to the origin of one of the great religious movements of modern times. From a geographical and territorial point of view, we have located ourselve... Read More

Bible Dispensations

The four ages or periods in the history of human redemption, spoken of as dispensations of Religion, are the Patriarchal, the Jewish, the Christian, and the Millennial; for all practical purposes, but three, as the millennium is but the final conquest and further extension of the Gospel age. These e... Read More

Church of Christ in Australasia

It will be necessary in this brief history of Churches of Christ on the other side of the world to group them under the larger territorial title, including Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. These countries are islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans lying in the Southern Hemisphere and constitut... Read More

Death Of Bro. Cheek

About one o'clock on Friday afternoon of February 16th we were startled and made to tremble by the receipt of the following telegram from Bro. F.W. Troy, of Queensland--"Bro. Cheek dangerously sick, typhoid fever, brethren pray for him." Believing that a man of Bro. Cheek's constitution and laboriou... Read More


The world moves, and it is gratifying to know that it sometimes moves in the right direction. Perhaps the most scandalous thing in modern church financing is the worldly methods employed to get money. When the ecclesiastical exchequer runs low, it is tacitly understood amongst churchman that the end... Read More

Our Danger

The "sound" men, with whose vigorous denunciations of "departures" and "innovations" we have become familiar, and whose trenchant philippics against "progressionism" have won for them this honorable title, are, I have begun to fear, the very men who are in the greatest danger of drifting unconscious... Read More

The Month

The chronic troubles of the Melbourne Presbytery over the Rev. Charles Strong and the Scot's Church have culminated in a charge of heresy against that gentleman. He is charged by his accusers of denying the divinity of Christ, the efficacy of the atonement, the fact of the resurrection, and the pers... Read More

The Secularists of Melbourne

The secularists of Melbourne are mad at Dr. Moorhouse. They have passed an indignation resolution against him for denouncing secularism as the equivalent of brutism. Said resolution, which we are told was passed "by a thousand citizens at the Hall of Science," is as follows, printed and circulated t... Read More

The Sunday Question

We agree with the Sunday Observance League in its opposition to the opening of the National Art Gallery and Public Library on the Lord's Day; but we do not base our opposition upon what are usually known as strictly Sabbatarian grounds. We emphatically reject the Presbyterian and Methodistic doctrin... Read More

Group of Brands