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It was Pilate's last appeal. He hoped that the spectacle of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe would so move the people to pity, that they would cry out for His release. But the appeal was in vain. While the Holy Sufferer stands before us, we may think of Him as He appeared that m... Read More


One of the saddest elements in the Gethsemane experience, was our Lord's disappointment in His disciples. He chose the three best loved of them all, and asked them to be near Him during His great agony. He hoped to get strength from their sympathy. While He went through His mysterious struggle, He s... Read More

"Do the Next Thing"

DUTY never is a haphazard thing; it does not come to us in 'bundles' from which we may choose what we like best. There are never a half dozen things, any one of which we may fitly do at any particular time; there is someone definite and particular thing in the divine purpose for each moment. In writ... Read More


Those who was one of the strangest nights of our Lord's life. In the evening He sent the disciples out upon the sea alone. Then He went up into the mountain and spent the night with His Father. A storm came on, and the little boat was wildly tossed in the waves. From His place of prayer, Jesus kept ... Read More


This is a charming story. Probably Jairus had not sought to know Jesus hitherto. Probably he would not have sought Him now—but for his distress. Trouble turns to Christ, many a heart that otherwise would never have gone to Him. This little girl was the father's only child. That made her dearer. She ... Read More


Pilate's was a most unenviable distinction. No doubt he felt honored when he was made procurator of Judea. But the honor brought him a responsibility which left him weighed and found lacking. Pilate did not know when he was roused so early that April morning, that that Friday was doomsday for him. H... Read More


"When Elkanah and all his household went up to make the annual sacrifice and his vow offering to the Lord, Hannah did not go and explained to her husband, 'After the child is weaned, I'll take him to appear in the Lord's presence and to stay there permanently.' Her husband Elkanah replied, 'Do what ... Read More

A condition of Divine Blessing

There is a secret of living which, if people knew it, would make all life easier for them. It may be stated thus—that as we take up any duty and go forward with it—we shall receive the strength which we need to do it. There are several divine promises that give this assurance. One reads, "As your da... Read More

A devotional study of the Beatitudes

The Master's Blesseds A devotional study of the Beatitudes by J. R. Miller, 1905 (J. R. Miller's genius is seen at its best in this book, and many as have been the expositions of that wonderful discourse of our Lord's, 'The Master's Blesseds' takes a place which none of the others have filled. And n... Read More

A Girl's Questions

Every girl has questions. Her brain teems with them — her heart too. She ought to have questions. If she had not, she would not be a living girl, at least she would be living to very small purpose. Questions are the keys which open doors within, which we find life's better things. Girls are not all ... Read More

A High Sense of Honor

Everything that is beautiful in life, should be most earnestly coveted by every young person. Youth is the time for the building of character. What we expect to be when we are out in the world in mid-life — we must begin to be when we are in school. If we would have a good name at forty — we must do... Read More

A Talk about Disposition

You are a Christian. You have confessed Christ before the world. You say that Christ is the dearest Friend you have. You say he is the noblest in his character, the fairest in his beauty, the sweetest in his spirit, the gentlest in his disposition, the richest in his beauty — of all things in the un... Read More

A Word about TEMPER

"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." Ephesians 4:32 More than half of us are bad-tempered—at least an English social scientist tells us so. He claims that this is no mere general statement and no bit of guesswork; he gives us the figure... Read More


No word is more frequently used by young people in these days than the word consecration. Indeed, it is used so frequently, and falls from the lips so glibly, that there is danger of its true meaning not being always appreciated. Precisely what do young Christians mean — or older ones when they talk... Read More


Almost everyone prays. At least almost everyone is taught in childhood to kneel before God, and with the first lispings of speech to say, "Our Father." And all Christians maintain the habit of prayer with more or less faithfulness. What is prayer? It is not merely making requests of God. This is par... Read More

About Your FATHER.

Perhaps fathers have been neglected. Volumes have been written and countless sermons have been preached about mothers. Their devotion and self-sacrifice have been commented upon without stint. Children are taught to honor their mother, to remember always what she has done for them, and what they owe... Read More

About Your FRIENDS.

Friendships begin very early. Little children form tender associations which mean much to their happiness, and which sometimes last through their life. We all need friendships. In solitary confinement, men have been known to make friends of insects and little animals, the only living creatures they ... Read More

About Your MOTHER.

Your mother is the first friend you ever had. When you came into this great world as an utter stranger, not knowing anyone, never having looked into any face — you found her love waiting for you. Instantly you had . . . a friend, a bosom to nestle in, an arm to encircle you, an eye to watch you, a h... Read More

About Your Shadow

There is in the New Testament a beautiful story which tells of the power of a good man's shadow. The people brought out their sick, and laid them along the sides of the road when the apostle Peter was to pass, that his shadow might fall upon them; and we are told that they were healed — every one. O... Read More


There is a wondrous power of explanation in that word, "afterward." Things do not seem to us today—as they will seem tomorrow. This is the key which the Scriptures give us for the solution of the strange mystery of affliction. "No chastening for the present seems to be joyous—but grievous; neverthel... Read More

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