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London, 3 November 1336. Dear Mrs. H(arley)., When first the Lord takes us in hand we always feel as if it were for our destruction that he has found us out. Under these terrifying feelings we are often charged with being mad, and lost to our family and friends; nor do we know to what extremity the ... Read More


London, 14 December 1826. Dear Mrs. H(arley)., The godly fear that I so strongly recommended in my last letter I would now also press you exceedingly to seek after and prize. It will prove "a fountain of life to depart from the snares of death," and will be such a light to your steps that you shall ... Read More


[To Mrs. H(arley).] London, 13 February 1837. Dear Friend, It is said "Lord in trouble have they visited thee, they poured out a prayer when thy chastening was upon them;" but does the trouble increase in any degree like that of the woman with child, when she "draweth near to the time of her deliver... Read More


[To Mr. H. H.] London, 22 March 1837. My dear young Friend, I have a Friend to recommend to your notice whom I have tried for many years. Your frail appearance leads me to hope that you will listen to my recommendation. He is the best Physician I ever met with; no complaint is hid from him, nor any ... Read More

Free Grace Salvation

"By grace ye are saved." (Ephesians 2:5) What a wonderful mercy it is to an enlightened sinner to hear what the Apostle says, "By grace ye are saved." Men under the conviction of sin and the discovery of God's justice and holiness often feel themselves utterly hopeless, and whatever men may say to t... Read More


[To his sister E.] - 1807. Dear Sister, I was permitted for years to go on in my own strength, to let me see what mighty acts I could perform. A self-righteous spirit will lead us to make such a patch work garment as will for awhile conceal the filthy imaginations of the heart; and thus we carefully... Read More


[To a Friend.] March 7, 1810. My dear Friend, Since I saw you last I have been much exercised in various ways, but I find my hope is still in the Lord; and that none are able to pluck me out of his hand. It is now that the testimony of God supports me, while I have looked in vain for that of man. Hi... Read More


[To M. C. B.] London, 12 December 1835. Dear Madam, I am often greatly cast down, and think that every one is more transparent and honest than I am. I see their spiritual beauty and order, while I am judging myself not half so tender, nor so often making manifest my prevalency with the Lord. I was d... Read More


[To M. C. B.] London, 28 December 1833. Dear Madam, You say I have not told you what I think of your spiritual condition. I thought the whole tenor of my letter conveyed my feelings upon that subject. I cannot understand how people, in a vain and empty profession, can have such reproofs as those you... Read More


[To Mr. Nunn.] London, 10 January 1836. Dear Friend, How deep and mysterious are the ways by which the Lord makes these earthen vessels meet for the Master's use It is said, "Though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day;" but you and I know, in some measure by sad experien... Read More


[To Mrs. Tims.] London, February 1836. Dear Madam, I have often wondered at the length of time during which some have waited at the pool of Bethesda to be healed, having the mortification of seeing others outstrip them, and get their healing, and go their way. There are many mysteries in the word of... Read More


[To M. C. B] London, March 1836. Dear Madam, My last letter to you was on a most important subject, and I was led with much anxiety to ponder what might be the effect of it. You are now in another and more responsible position. This change, whatever you or I may think, will bring to light many thing... Read More


[To the Rev. B. G.] London, 8 April 1836. My dear Friend, I have often thought that there may be many about you that will say like Pharaoh, "They are entangled in the land, the wilderness hath shut them in." If you are like me you will find a fearful testimony within, that often makes you, for a sea... Read More


[To M. C. B ] London, I May 1836. Dear Madam, You tell me you have lately felt a great difficulty in either speaking or writing upon spiritual subjects; and I add, if you wish to avoid these difficulties, there can be nothing better for you than to give them up altogether, and escape, as David once ... Read More


[To a Friend.] Tunbridge Wells, 22 July 1836. My dear Friend, I have felt from many hints you have lately dropped, that you are not quite satisfied with everything that goes on within. You have sat under a bright ministry, and your head has gone faster than your feet, so that your enlightened under-... Read More


Tunbridge Wells, 22 July 1836. Dear Mrs. Clark, You have been much upon my mind since I left town; though I have left you all for a season, I have not left off to consider "the affliction of Joseph," but am deeply affected by it, knowing that I am also in the body, and subject to the same. My fears ... Read More


[To the Rev. W. Maddy.] Tunbridge Wells, 5 August 1836 My dear Sir, I was glad to see your two letters, and more exceedingly to see the spirit of them; nor can I think that the Lord will suffer either your pupils or anything else to separate you finally from his love in Christ Jesus. I had a good mo... Read More


[To the Rev. J. W. Brook.] My dear Sir, I was very desirous of seeing you when you were in town last, but things so happened that it could not be. I had much of God's goodness fresh upon my heart, and could have told you of many sweet interferences of God in my behalf. I have been sorely tried with ... Read More


[To M. 13 ] Tunbridge Wells, 12 August 1836. Dear Cousin, I thank you for the account you have given us of S. What is the nature of his despair? I cannot but secretly hope, from all that transpires, that even yet there may be a returning; but I feel the worst part to he, that after having been so lo... Read More


[To J. G.] Tunbridge Wells, 23 August 1836. My dear Friend, I have your letter to your sister C. before me now, and must say it has been a sweet savour of life unto life to my soul to see and feel the simplicity that is there manifest. I am truly happy to find you proceed so tenderly, for such cauti... Read More

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