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Foot yet in the Snare

FOOT yet in the SNARE: Though the Beast hath healed his wound, and now pretends liberty, but is fallen into the trap of the Priests, receiving their testimony to beare it up, who are in the pit themselves, thereby giving them occasion to insult against the Truth, as the Beast and the false Prophet h... Read More

Glory to God Almighty Who Ruleth

Glory to God Almighty who Ruleth in the heavens, and in whose hands are all the kingdoms of the earth, who raiseth up and casteth down at his will, who hath ways to confound the exaltation of man, and to chastise his children, and to make man to know himself to be as grass before him, whose judgment... Read More

To The Life of God in All

James Nayler's Confession The love of that precious life of Christ Jesus in me, constrains me (as the light thereof arises) to declare to all people, and to generations to come, how the innocent, just, and holy life came to suffer in me, and be betrayed, and I to lose the light thereof, so far as to... Read More

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