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"I've Just Met Jesus!"

"Uncle Festo! Uncle Festo! called a high, shrill voice. It was Festo's niece. "Come to church with us, please," she begged. Festo's twelve-year-old sister ran up to him, too. "Please, Festo! It's so exciting, we can't wait to go!" Festo was amazed. "Why, little sister, you used to squirm and wiggle ... Read More


Hark wondered about Charity, one of Festo and Mera's four daughters. Charity was a student at the university in Kampala. Hark decided to find her. He wanted to see what Uganda's young people were doing about the awful things that were taking place. "Well, it's as I thought," Hark said to himself whe... Read More

Death in the Stadium

Hark flew quickly ahead in time. C.D. had told him to be sure and visit the human year 1973. That was an important time in Festo's life, and there were gaps in the record. Hark hoped when he landed he would find the country at ease. "By now the terror has surely ended," Hark said to himself. But he ... Read More

Heaven's New Song

"Well," said C.D., welcoming Hark. "How did it go?" He was eager to see Hark's report. "Wonderful!" said Hark. He put away his leather sandals and showed C.D. a little bit of purple cloth. "What's that?" asked C.D. with interest. "It's a piece of Bishop Festo's shirt. When he was escaping over the m... Read More

Into the Night

In the dark African night, two weary people bounced along in a car at the foot of a tall, black mountain. "Look out! There's only a path. We're not even on a road anymore," the woman shouted to her husband. The man and woman were scared. When they turned to look back, their worried eyes seemed to sh... Read More

Revival and Anger

Festo went to church often. And he read his Bible each day. Later he went away from home to be educated at a good school. Hark was very pleased to see that some of the boys in Festo's school liked to pray -- at five o'clock in the morning! One of the boys invited Festo to join the prayers. Festo wen... Read More

The Briefing

Hark's assignment had begun when C.D., the recording angel, had appeared one day during heavenly choir practice. "Hark! Hark!" C.D. called out. The heavenly choir had been practicing a lovely hymn of praise for a thousand years. This may seem like a very long time to practice a hymn. But God's clock... Read More

The Martyrs

Hark carefully checked the history book C.D. had sent along. He wanted to know how God's Word had come to Uganda. After all, Uganda was quite a way from the place where Jesus had lived on earth. How long did it take the message to reach Uganda after Jesus sent his disciples to tell the whole world? ... Read More

The Terror Begins

Hark was happy to learn that Festo had married a nice teacher from his home village. Her name was Mera, and Festo loved her very much. Festo was a teacher, too. Wherever he went, he taught children about school subjects. He taught them about Jesus, too. In 1963, Festo had become a full-time minister... Read More

"Kill Them!"

Over the next few months people from Amin's government came to the meetings where Festo spoke. Then it wasn't easy for Festo to speak out against the cruel killings. After all, Amin's people might get very angry and arrest him on the spot! But Festo knew that Jesus had always spoken out about injust... Read More

"You're Next"

Hark hurried out of the big church and started looking for Festo and Mera. He looked all over Kampala. But they were not there! Maybe they've gone back to Kabale, their hometown, Hark decided. He flew there in an instant (even though it was 260 miles away). But Festo and Mera were not there, either!... Read More

Group of Brands