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John Franklin

God Regains His Fear Through Judgments

In three previous articles I endeavored to answer the great question gripping our nation and more specifically Christians, “In the devastating plague of moral decline, what is the antidote of hope that will cure the infectious spread of evil?” For those who have read the previous articles, you will ... Read More
John Franklin

Recapturing a Proper Understanding of the Fea

Traveling at 30,000 feet from Dallas to Nashville, I stared at a blank computer screen in the grip of writer’s block for at least thirty minutes. Not that I lacked anything to write, but rather I so passionately wanted to communicate with you that I labored to form the words. This passion arises fro... Read More
John Franklin

The Practice to Which the Church Must Return

This series of articles has been arguing that the root cause of the moral collapse in America and more specifically the church has been the loss of the fear of God. My primary appeal to this fact is that on the whole those calling themselves Christians are basically doing the same things in the same... Read More
John Franklin


In June of 1990 I found myself unexpectedly in awe. I had joined a team of about 250 people to participate in a two week evangelistic crusade in Mombasa, Kenya, a seaside city of roughly a million people. The organizers divided most of us into teams of three and we went hut to hut, house to house pr... Read More
John Franklin

The Root Cause of Americas Moral Collapse

I contended in the last article that the trial of President Clinton was not as much about his morality as it was about that of the nation’s. I cited several biblical passages proving that God either orchestrates or allows circumstances to be such that they test the heart to reveal its condition befo... Read More

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