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The Foot out of the Snare

You are here: Quaker Heritage Press Online Texts Adventures of John Toldervy The Foot out of the Snare -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Foot out of the Snare. OR, A Restoration of the inhabitants of Zion into their Place, after their bewildered and... Read More

The Naked Truth Laid Open

THE NAKED TRUTH Laid open, Aginst what is amiss: OR, May be mis-interpreted, IN THOSE TWO BOOKES: The one, entituled, The Foot out of the Snare; And the other, The Snare Broken. Together with a Word of Invitation to all who are estranged to the True Faith, that they would hear and receive the Word o... Read More

The Snare Broken

THE SNARE BROKEN; OR LIGHT discovering DARKNESSE. Being an answer to a Book entituled, FOOT yet in the SNARE; Published by JAMES NAYLOR. Wherein his teachery and back-sliding from the true Faith is brought to Light, and his untrodden PATHS discovered. With some of his divided Language and deceitful ... Read More

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