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John Woolman

On the Slave Trade

Though departing from the Truth as it is in Jesus, through introducing Ways of Life attended with unnecessary Expences, many Wants have arisen, the Minds of People have been employ'd in studying to get Wealth, and in this Pursuit, some departing from Equity, have retain'd a Profession of Religion; o... Read More
John Woolman

On Trading in Superfluities

I have felt great Distress of Mind since I came on this Island(2), on Account of the Members of our Society being mixed with the world in various sorts of business and Traffick, carried on in impure Channels. Great is the Trade to Africa for Slaves: and in loading these Ships abundance of People are... Read More
John Woolman

Serious Considerations on Trade (1758)

Gummere's introduction: "This essay, hitherto unpublished, is found at the back of the folio, MS. A. and occupies pages one to four, inclusive. The following note of John Woolman's, which prefaces it, throws light upon the extremes of caution which prevented entirely the publication of this Essay, a... Read More

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