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The Papal And Hierarchial System - Part 1

ON THE HOLY SCRIPTURES. No ONE who has investigated the subject can seriously entertain the notion that the canon of Scripture has been arbitrarily fixed by the authority of man. When our Lord Jesus Christ was upon earth, as a teacher and preacher amongst the Jews, it was his constant practice to re... Read More

The Papal And Hierarchial System - Part 2

ON ANTICHRIST, THE MAN OF SIN "LITTLE children, it is the last time, and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists, whereby we know that it is the last time.... He is antichrist that denieth the Father and the Son:" 1 John ii. 18, 22. Again, this apostle says, ... Read More

The Papal And Hierarchial System - Part 3

ON THE USURPATION OF TEMPORAL POWER BY THE PROFESSING CHURCH OF CHRIST. IN the preceding account of antichrist, abundant evidence is afforded that the main feature of this unholy power, is the assumption, under spiritual pretences, of temporal authority, followed by an actual mastery over the kings ... Read More

The Papal And Hierarchial System - Part 4

ON THE SPIRITUAL POWER OF THE PRIESTHOOD. IN the preceding chapter, we have considered the usurpation by the hierarchy, of temporal power, and the dreadful abuse which has been made by the priesthood, of the magistrate's sword. We may now direct our attention to the spiritual power of the same pries... Read More

The Papal And Hierarchial System - Part 5

ON DIVINE WORSHIP I. THE first grand point in reference to divine worship, is the consideration of the Being or Beings to whom it is addressed. Honour and reverence paid even to human dignitaries, is sometimes included in the idea of worship as it is said, that all the congregation of Israel bowed d... Read More

The Papal And Hierarchial System - Part 6

ON THE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY WE have already found occasion to observe, that Rome spiritual lays claim to the continuance, under her auspices, of the sacerdotal system. No sooner have the ministers of religion, within her borders, received full ordination at the hands of the bishop, than they become pr... Read More

The Papal And Hierarchial System - Part 7

ON THE SACRAMENTS THE oath which it was customary to administer to every Roman soldier, on his joining the armies of the empire, was called a sacrament — sacred words, accompanied by a solemn interior meaning, by which the newly enlisted warrior was bound to the service of his general and his prince... Read More

The Papal And Hierarchial System - Part 8

ON JUSTIFICATION AND SANCTIFICATION A VERY slight knowledge of the papal and hierarchical system, may suffice to convince every honest inquirer, that under its darkening and deadening influence, the grounds of the Christian's hope of salvation have been fearfully obscured, and the hope itself, to a ... Read More

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