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Born about 560 B.C. as a prince, son of a king in India, Buddha was married at the age of 19 and had a son in his late twenties. With a growing interest in matters of religion, he left the life of a householder at that time, and went on to search for true salvation. For six years he searched along t... Read More
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“The history of Hinduism began in India about 1500 B.C. Although its literature can be traced only to before 1000 B.C., evidence of Hinduism’s earlier [background] is derived from archaeology, comparative philology, and comparative religion.”[2] According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Hinduism “is... Read More
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Arabia encompassed a variety of religions before the advent of Islam. In Southern Arabia, an astral cult known as Sabaeanism prevailed. In other regions, there were Jews and Christians. But the great majority of Arabs worshiped local gods and goddesses, and believed in angels, fairies, and demonic j... Read More
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The primary source of information regarding the origin of Judaism is found in the Tanakh (the Old Testament portion of the Christian Bible[16]). The story of the first Jewish person, Abraham, who is considered the father of the Jews, is told in the Old Testament biblical Book of Genesis.[17] Accordi... Read More
Judah Etinger

The Anthropic Principle

The subject of the creation of the universe has been debated and pondered by people for centuries. Today, scientists continue to move forward in their quest to discover the true origin of mankind. One discovery that has intrigued many for the last few decades is something called the “anthropic princ... Read More

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