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Lee Roberson

Lee Roberson

Dr. Lee Roberson, loyal pastor of the Highland Park Baptist Church, and founder and president of Tennessee Temple Schools in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is world-renowned in religious circles.

Brother Roberson entered Old Bethel College in Russellville, Kentucky in 1926, and finished the first year. From Old Bethel College, he went to the University of Louisville to complete his college work with a major in history. He also completed his work for a degree at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. At the age of nineteen, he was called to a church in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, which he did not accept.

On the first Sunday in November 1937, Dr. Roberson became pastor of the First Baptist Church in Fairfield, Alabama. After five years with the Fairfield church, Dr. Roberson was called to the Highland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in November of 1942. Whether he be speaking from the pulpit of the Highland Park Baptist Church, the chapel platform of Tennessee Temple Schools, to his Men's Bible Class, or at one of many other special services, his messages are always fresh, fervent, and filled with the power of God.
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Lee Roberson

The Need Of This Hour

Since the termination of Dr. Roberson's work at Highland Park Baptist Church, he has spoken in thousands of different churches-churches large and small, rich and poor, powerful and weak. Dr. Roberson says . . . The need of churches is evident. We are in a decided lull throughout this nation. (Rememb... Read More
Lee Roberson

There's Only One Way Home

". . . No man cometh to the Father but by Me"(John 14:6) More than messages on temperance, more than messages on church discipline, is the need for the message of God's way of salvation. Thank God, there is a way of salvation, there is a way home, but there is only one way home to God. I remember C.... Read More

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