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Mark 16:15.16 3 WAYS TO REACH A NATION John 14:31 1. These words form one of the last messages Christ gave His church, a message on evangelism and world Wide missions. 2. Thus, the main work of the whole church in the whole world throughout the whole age is witnessing to the salvation there is in Ch... Read More


II Chronicles 7:14, "If MY [emphasis added] people, which are called by my name..." God is not referring to the crooked politicians who do not know God and the world on the outside. "If MY PEOPLE [emphasis added]...shall humble themselves and pray..."--we must see a Holy God and then humble ourselve... Read More

No Adjustments Later

I am convinced that young people are thoughtless about six important issues in life. These are issues that, within five years after their teens, they will have wished they had not only thought about while in their teens but had also made them top priority in their thinking. 1. Youth are thoughtless ... Read More


"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" (Psalm 85:6) Where does a revival begin? John Rosebury, who wrote articles occasionally for the Alliance Witness, said, "The need today is not for a transitory revival. The need today is for the Eternal One to dwell with us foreve... Read More

The Three Most Important Questions In Life

In 1991 the Canadian Revival Fellowship sponsored the Briercrest Bible College annual fall Missionary and Bible Conference in Caronport, Saskatchewan with the theme of "Revival and Missions." High school, Bible college, and seminary students were required to attend--a captive audience indeed! I caug... Read More

What is the Truest Meaning of the Cross?

What is the cross really all about? What does it really mean? In the song we saw some of what the cross is all about. We have Easter season and the Good Friday, and the whole world or western world, the Christianized so-called world, celebrates the cross. On Friday night we went into the description... Read More


Where does God begin in reviving His people? What precedes praying for revival? In II Chronicles Chapter 7 Solomon is just getting the temple built, and then God is speaking to His people. Verse 12 says: “The Lord appeared to Solomon by night, and said unto him: I have heard thy prayer; I have chose... Read More

Group of Brands