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Marie Monsen

Marie Monsen

Marie Monsen (1878 - 1962)

Was a Norwegian missionary active in North and Central China between 1901 and 1932. Marie Monsen was born in 1878 in Sandviken, Norway. Monsen started her working life as a graduate teacher and arrived in China on 1 September 1901. She began a three-term, 30-year mission, becoming an important figure in the history of the charismatic renewal in China. While popular with the Chinese, she was nonetheless marginalized by some traditionalists in Norway due to her heterodox Christian beliefs.

Monsen figures prominently in the introduction of The Heavenly Man, a true account of the life of Liu Zhenying, a contemporary Chinese Christian better known as Brother Yun. In 1999 Yun asked the congregation of a church in Bergen to prepare a monument representing Monsen's missionary work in Henan, his home province. The monument was completed in 2001.

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Marie Monsen

Confess Your Sin Before It's Too Late

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Marie Monsen

Confessing Sin Even If It Means The Death Penalty

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Marie Monsen

Prayer Revival in China

"The Spirit of God was at work among us at this time of refreshing, and we knew it. It was a wonderfully quiet prayer-revival. It grew perfectly natural to see missionaries meet on the paths, stop to talk and then pray together at the side of the pathway; or one saw them at prayer among the bushes a... Read More

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