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Revival Testimony - Bay Street Baptist Church

Robb Scuderi “I’ll Never Be the Same” With great anticipation, and not having a clue of what God had in mind for my church or myself, I experienced a week of spiritual and physical grace, mercy, love, repentance, and forgiveness which was life changing. Day after day, night after night, the Holy Spi... Read More

“After the Reign Has Passed”

I vigilantly sought God’s directive on when the revival was to end. It was crucial not to end prematurely as in Florida. On November 30, 2006 the 40-day revival at Indiana Avenue Baptist Church came to an end. We stopped because I knew with clarity God had desired “40 days.” Someone that has never h... Read More

“God Chose Who?”

The following are definitions according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary1: Lowly (adj) - 1: humble in manner or spirit : free from self-assertive pride; 2: not lofty or sublime; 3: ranking low in some hierarchy; 4: of or relating to a low social or economic rank; 5: low in the scale of biological or ... Read More

“God Ignites the Embers of Cleansing”

Spiritual preparedness is essential to any revival or any experience that one might hope to have with God. God seeks only those with a pure heart and a cleansed spirit. When repentance has not been sought for sin in our lives, God will not hear our prayers. And more importantly we will not hear God.... Read More

“God Sets His Revival Plan in Motion”

Unbeknownst to me, God began preparing me for the revival at Indiana Avenue Baptist Church a year and eight months prior to its beginning. The most significant preparation took place at Bay Street Baptist Church in Eustis, Florida. The pastor of Bay Street is Mark Douglas, who has been a good friend... Read More

“God’s Characteristics of Revival”

There is not a step-by-step process that can be followed to initiate a revival. There is not a “How to Manual” on hosting a revival in which God will choose to be present and lives will be changed forever. Man cannot plan for or facilitate a revival. Only God can initiate a true revival. It will be ... Read More

“Let the Reign Begin”

And oh, how the heavens were rended! Initially, only small glimpses of light from heaven could be seen. His presence could be felt only at moments. Then without expectation it seemed as if the heavens completely burst open and God poured out His sweet, sweet love and Spirit; saturating all in attend... Read More

“The Pilgrimage Initiated by God”

Who am I? Who is Mark Partin? The “world” would probably be impressed if I could say that I am a well-known pastor preaching to the masses in a cathedral-like building. Some may find it stirring if I could say that I quickly accepted Christ’s invitation of salvation and that I have since continued t... Read More

“Through Man’s Mistake, God Brings Enlightenment”

The Florida Revival was a significant experience. I was greatly humbled by God’s presence and the outpouring of His mercy following the many confessions and repentance. God had also unexpectedly answered a long requested prayer; He saved both of my children. One might assume that this was probably t... Read More

“What is revival?”

There have been many revivals that have included much preaching, praising and worshipping of God. However, there have only been a few life-changing, God-directed revivals. The difference in these revivals and the others is that: 1) they were initiated by God; 2) they reached much further than the lo... Read More

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